Saturday, January 02, 2010

Revlon Color Burst Lipstick in Fuchsia

Revlon Color Burst lipstick were released at the end of 2009, supposedly as a response to the much buzzed Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick (Which I don't even like all that much) although the shade selection is much smaller. I wasn't that interested in the collection as I usually like lipstick with pretty tubes.
While I am not feeling much for the fishnet tube from Revlon Color Burst lipstick, I do like the fact that all Revlon lipsticks comes in tough and anti scratch tubes, which have a nice, substantial feel to it so that it doesn't appear flimsy. There is no peeping window on the top of the lid but the plastic does look a lot like the actual color of the lipstick so you can get a good idea what you are getting. Unlike those typical chubby bullet, this lipstick has tip and marking that looks like one of those expensive brand...So how does the formula compare?
I picked Fuchsia (I love this kind of bold/trashy color even there is pretty much nowhere to wear it) main to see how ugly it would look compared to my fuchsia favorite- Lancome Satin Fuchsia. If I am very lucky this might work as a replacement since satin fuchsia has been discontinued already.

The Revlon Color Burst lipsticks has pretty decent pigmentation and I already get a good deal of this hideous color (yes, hideous) with one swipe. The color looks ridiculous on my skin and I cannot imaging there would be anyone who find this shade wearable.The Revlon Color Burst lipstick has a smooth texture but it's not as malleable as Lancome (which can be worn as a stain or used to achieve a bold color without any gunky residue.) that they only way to wear the color is to wear it boldly. The color fuchsia is a tricky color to grasp when it comes to lipstick, it can look pretty youthful and fresh when it has the right ratio of blue and red. Anything too red, too blue or too shimmery would look very cheap...In the case of this Revlon lipstick, it's way too deep and bold (scarier than those Model Co eyeshadow compact) that there is no way for me carry off the color unless I work in a shady night club. (The swatch might not look that horrible but I usually take 2-3 pictures for swatch pictures and I pick the best of the group but for this lipstick I have taken at least 30 pictures to pick the least ugly one...)

If you think the color is bad enough. The lipstick also has a glossy, patent leather finish (instead of soft focused shine) that I really hate, as it's literally shoving the obnoxious color right in my face and the color actually feathers on my lips (I never use lip liner but I have never seen bleeding/feather even on 1-dollar Wet n Wild). Anyway, the feathering and shiny finish are bonus, I already hate this lipstick the moment I have it on.


  1. I'm sorry that the lipstick didn't work out for you! I personally love my Revlon Colorburst lipsticks, but I have them in Rosy Nude and Soft Rose, two very MLBB and toned-down shades, which may be why I didn't notice the flaws that you pointed out. I've been reaching for these very often in the past week because they are great colors for everyday wear. I also don't wear a lot of it. I just swipe it gently across my lips, or I just dab it on and smack my lips together to even out the color. Maybe you could try applying slightly less? I do agree that fuchsia (and a shiny one, at that) is a difficult shade to pull off.

  2. I'm sorry you really not feeling that lipstick but I love the color and thanks for sharing. I am definitely gonna pick this up.

  3. Rita:
    I agreen with you that rosy nude is a really MLBB shade (I got the shade as well during the sale), I have a lip gloss which looks like a less brownish version of rosy nude and I love that.

    For the lipstick,I think I tend to load on lipstick as if I am buttering a bread so I will need to remind myself to take it easy.

    Oh, I am glad you actually like it...I think deeper skintone should handle the color...It's way way way too much for me.

  4. I'm sorry you don't like it. It is a difficult color to wear, but I think it's pretty.

  5. oh my, it looks gorgeous on your lovely lips but looking at the color, it'll look weird on my big mouth :)

  6. Gio and Nikki:
    The color is a lot scarier in real life, trust me...

  7. Neon fuschia just confuses me...
    I want to buy it coz it looks pretty in the tube...
    But where would i ever wear it to?
    Did you know there's blue lipstick now? It intrigues and frightens me at the same time :S

  8. Daituf:
    Wear it to a MAC cremesheen gloss photoshoot...This looks a lot like that MAC promo picture but it's freaking scary to look at in real life.

    I have seen blue lipstick from mac before (Shu Uemura always have blue/green/yellow/white lipstick, just so you know)but I guess if it's sheer, you can use it to cool down warm color. Anyway, I have a deep brownish black lipstick from Anna Sui, it turns a bit apricot on me...

  9. I think this color looks really pretty on your lips. :) And I am amazed at how different the texture is for you--these are so sheer on me. But I totally agree--they feather on me as well, which doesn't happen too often with any lipsticks I own. Plus, the staying power is horrible--I've given Soft Rose so many tries since I wrote my review, and I just cannot get it to last more than 30 minutes before it starts to fade on the inside of my lips, leaving an unattractive ring of color on the outer part of my lips. But since Soft Rose is a great dupe of NARS Dolce Vita, I'm keeping it and will deal with the fading issues. lol.

  10. Recessionista:
    I think it depends on the color you pick...I would prefer the color to be sheer since it's quite in your face.

  11. the fuchsia lipstick is gorgeous, i think it would look nice on very dark skin tones

  12. Hi there:
    I am thinking that too, since it kind of makes pale skin pop (too well).

  13. i think it looks good on you!

  14. i love this shade!!! i have this one and true red and coral. i think those are the best three shades. but this one is my fave. i think it looks great and its very wearable if ur not afraid of color :)

  15. Love this colour, I bought it today. It matches my skin tone though! And I'm all for the bright colours!

  16. hm this lipstick suits me alot think because of my tanned/olive complextion it really compliments that.. on paler skin or darker skin i'm sure it's much to bold even if i apply it without blotting it's a little loud but if you apply it to your finger and work it into your lips rather than just swiping it on you'll get a very soft tint of colour


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