Amika Triple Rx Shampoo and Conditioner

Amika is a salon brand that's also available at Sephora, I remember trying some samples and didn't hate it (I use sephora samples, be it skincare minis or pouches of shampoo, for travels so I always associate them with...Japan haha). When I saw the shampoo on clearance at Marshalls, it seemed harmless to try them out. 

The Triple Rx Shampoo is a slip, nourishing runny oil gel with sea buckhorn berry that repairs, restores and revitalizes dry and damaged hair. I have very fine hair that tend to split easily (I yank them trying to comb through) so this formula seems like my cup of tea.  Anyway, the shampoo has a nutty fruit smell, somewhat natural and non-offensive. I loved using it as it gives a smooth foam and rinses off leaving my hair silky and easy to comb through (not in a silicone sort of way though). 

Anyway, I don't think my hair agrees with it 100% as it also give me some little bumps, scalp acnes as I call them, when I was using it daily. The little bumps went away as soon as I switched to different shampoo. For 8-10 dollars a bottle it's still a nice shampoo, I might repurchase Marshalls never has consistent stock on any particular items anyway.
After my happyish purchase from the shampoo. I also picked up the Amika triple Rx conditioner (Marshalls price of course). This has a solid (almost balm like) texture that's easy to spread and work through the ends. Best of all, it's light weight enough that I can use everyday without making my hair limp or yucky. This also goes well with other Japanese drugstore shampoo I have. 


  1. I've still yet to try high end haircare that's impressive! I was eyeing Oribe (tried it at Barry's bootcamp before... can't remember what I thought) but I need to use up all my stock first. Lol

    1. The highend stuff in US are the same quality as drugstore shampoo from Japan though. I think my favorite right now is tama no hada gardenia...makes my hair so fluffy yet shiny.

  2. I did a MASSIVE declutter of my drugstore makeup graveyard collection and the thing is it felt sooooooo good. Like no regrets at all. It felt like getting rid of all my baggage and starting all over again. I had stuff that was discontinued years ago and the shade/product no longer worked for me but still kept it for sentimental reasons. Because of this I had barely touched my high end makeup because I felt the need to use my drugstore makeup first. I'm going down the minimalist makeup route. Honestly after all these years of compulsive buying and hoarding I know what I want and what works for me. There's only a couple of brands that interest me and if I want to buy any new makeup I'll buy from them.

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