Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Model Co Eyeshadow Single

This got to be the cheapest makeup items I have ever gotten in the blog...Yeah, I have plenty of 1 dollar eyeshadow from the clearance basket but it can actually get cheaper than that: They are 30 cents a piece! So they worth every penny I paid for! (Like that's saying much.)
Anyway, these Model Co eyeshadow single normally retails for 20 bucks in their website. The price shrinked abit (to 12 bucks) after it hit the "cheap store" TJ-maxx and it was further reduced when some helpful souls decided to open these (they are come with boxes and sponge applicator, supposedly), I mean every single one of them got opened and messed up...

Since TJ maxx has a maximum tolerance policy to those package opener/arm tester (and zero tolerance to people who snap pictures *rolls eyes*) it seems that the only way to sell those deflowered good is to sell them cheap, really cheap...Luckily from the look of the three eyeshadow, they didn't look touched. (Which makes my anal self a bit happy.)
Back to the eyeshadow: Like all Model co products, these come with a hot pink compact case(ewww)that's feels quite tough and substantial. The eyeshadow are pressed like waffle and are soft but not dusty.

Capris- Shimmering chocolate brown-This color is a bit chalky if you pick it using a small liner brush but when spread to a larger area, the color is quite rich pigmented and creamy. Staying powder on itself is poor (some nars are waterproof, and they sting when get into

St.Tropez -matte beige/nude/chocolate milky?The color is positively boring but I guess it would be a nice crease.lid colors for those of you who have a crease (OK, non-Asian) or as a brow filler.

Tahiti-matte navy blue. It reminds me of a slightly grayish version of Stila indigo (yeah, I like to compare every eyeshadow to Stila) the texture seems to be creamier (stila matte are on the dry side) and easy to blend and it works relatively well as a eyeliner (reads: nothing compare to NARS)

Overall-I think these model co eyeshadow are perfect for white people (if you are Asian, the color might be too bold to be put on the non existent eye socket. If you have deep skin tone, the color might look too light and ashy on you.) I think the purchase was worth it but it's very unlikely that I would pay 20 bucks for the tacky hot pink packaging and sponge applicator (I just don't like eyeshadow with applicator.)


  1. great finds!! i really do need to start exploring tj maxx more often

  2. Muahaha! Love your tips for spies!!!
    Why is it always some random girl/middle-aged woman who don't work there, that rats on us?
    I hope the store at least pay them for their "services"...
    I can see why TJMaxx wouldn't want people to publicize their pictures...since the racks are usually a mess... But for drugstores, shouldn't they be happy that we're giving them exposure and encouraging ppl to go buy from them???

    Anyway, shall follow ur tips from now on... Coz i ain't gonna stop spyin'!

    Sweet deal on the Model Co. shadows!!!

  3. great point about having Asian skin and this won't work, thanks for the heads up! We do have ModelCo down here and I haven't given their eyeshadows a second look! :)

  4. Thanks for the review, I was wondering about these. The colors look boring but I love the packaging. Although I love anything pink lol. And what a fantastic deal you got!

  5. Amy Naree:
    I think you need to find out the day in which your local brand restock, otherwise all you see is nasty used lipsticks...

    Some woman are born to mind other people's business...really.

    It would be alright with Asian who have skin on the paler side, but I just don't think it would look good unless you have deep/dimensional features.

    I guess color preference is all personal, but these compact are not too easy to open.

  6. 30 CENTS?!?!?!?!? *dies* I saw a bunch of ModelCo makeup at the TJMaxx here but I didn't spend a lot of time looking thru them because the hot pink packaging scared me. I only bothered to look at the lipsticks but the stupid boxes wouldn't open so I didn't even get to see the colors inside.

  7. K.Lo:
    It's Ok, they are not great things anyway and the hot pink compact does take a while to get used to.


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