Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick Purty Persimmon

Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick has been around since 2010 - I didn't find any shade interesting until earlier this year, when the brand introduced several brights in the range. Of course, I picked up the reddish orange one called Purty Persimmon.

In terms of the yellow-red balance, Purty Persimmon is a tad redder than shades like Revlon Siren and Milani Mandarina (the two are really similar so I only swatched one) and a little more orange compared to shades like Revlon Coral and Sula Awake Till Sunrise. 
Purty Persimmon swatched alongside Milani Mandarina, Wet n Wild Salsa Lessons and Sula Awake Till Sunrise - You can see that it doesn't have that cherry undertone that I dread (love cherry red by itself, just hate it in orange-red lipsticks since it turns them punchy pink).
The texture of Megalast lipstick is rather unique - The stick is hard (no wobbling!) that in cooler days, it can feel like dragging a stick of wax on the lips. With a tad bit of pressure, the color deposits nicely and evenly on the lips, leaving a creamy-but-not-slippery layer that's reminiscent of barely dried lacquer, semi-matte with a bit of sheen that's neither drying nor moisturizing (It did enhances smaller dry flakes I have but that's expected with bright colors like this).  I need to be a little more careful than usual when I put this on, as it doesn't get wipe off as easily when I go over the lip boundary. 

While I do like the lipstick itself (the finish works well with the bright color, which itself is tropical and retro-looking at the same time), the packaging is a little more than what I am used to...
I can deal with the protruding lipstick and easily scratched off print (it's Wet n Wild after all) but I am not sure what's with the base, that's made with clear plastic with an layer of paint. The paint started to melt/rubberize the first day I bought the lipstick (I thought it was sticker residue at first) and within 2 weeks (I have only used it for 3 times), it has turn into a sticky mess like this. 

Do I like this lipstick? Yes. Do I like it enough to have black sticky stuff on my fingers every time I apply it? Sorry, but this is just disgusting... 


  1. Ewwww.....I definitely do not like, that enough to tolerate the base.

  2. The packaging is really horrible. But I love the shade, so pretty!

  3. That's weird. I have two megalast lipsticks and didn't have any problem with the packaging :( And I REEEEALLY want this color!

  4. I love these lipsticks, especially for the price. I have to agree the packaging is crappy. Several of mine have broken off, which sucks. This color looks good on your skin tone.

  5. Marilyn:
    The color is pretty amazing (and I think it's pretty similar to mac morange, with a smoother formula). I am thinking about getting Don't Blink Pink(it's only a dollar this month so why not), if it goes wrong again, I might cut depot it to some lip balms jars I have.

    They should totally learn something from Essence (their lip gloss tubes are so scratch-resistant!)...

  6. Ooohh love that orange!!!

  7. I just rub the black stuff off with a tissue, until it all comes off. Some of the WNW megalast bases have that rub off problem, some dont.


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