Thursday, August 08, 2013

Wild Watermelon - Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter

 Wild Watermelon is one of the four new shades of Revlon Lip Butters from the Summer 2013 collection (which all got added to the permanent range 3 months later). My liking for sheer red is well documented on this blog (example 1, example 2 and example 3 currently with dead photos...) so I got this (and a pink one) just a few days after they landed in CVS.
Trying Revlon Lip Butter is like buying lottery as you never know what texture of next one will be. Wild Watermelon is indeed has a different consistency than the other red I have: Unlike Candy Apple (a slick, reasonably pigmented jelly that clings on lips and has a tendency to get very drying) or Cherry Tart (reasonably pigmented, squishy in the tube, glossy and smooth on lips but with chock full of silver glitter). Wild Watermelon has a somewhat balm-like texture and a noticeably lower color-yield per swipe.
Even though it's sheerer than other lip butters, the formula applies very smoothly, evenly and comfortably (big plus for me) without the presence of shimmery filler. It's very much how it look, a sorbet. Since I prefer my red being shimmer-free, I personally think Wild Watermelon has one of the better formulation among all the lip butter shades, outperformed only by shades like Sweet Tart and Sugar Plum (both cream-jelly that seems a little richer and more homogenous).
Sheer red side by side - Revlon Candy Apple (orange-red), Cherry Tart (blue-red), Wild Watermelon (same amount of blue as Cherry Tart, just not as bold), Maybelline Cherry Me (turns berry on me), Nivea Strawberry Lip Care (finished the old one and bought another in Dollar Tree, not sure why the glitter look like actual strawberry seeds) and Sally Hansen Spirited Spice (more of a nude peach with a strong red base).
 Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter Wild Watermelon on lips. Sorry about the dead skin hanging on upper lids, as I barely recovered from angular stomatitis/ cracking of the lip corner (Google said it's vitamin B deficiency, I think it was all the fried food I gulped over the weekend...) No regret because #YOLO. Urgh, that was a bad joke...

Overall: A pleasant formula and a very wearable color. It's definitely a good replacement for the discontinued Cherry Tart.

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  1. Agree. Love this shade! Looks great on you too ^.^


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