Sunday, April 04, 2010

Sheer Cherry - Red Lips for Chicken and Girl Next Door

I love lip gloss/lip product of all kinds (as long as the packaging is not too ugly)but there is one type of glosses I kept going back to: Sheer, shimmer-free glosses in shades like cherry, raspberry and mulberry, you know, neutral to slightly cool red.
Anna Sui, Bobbi Brown, Burt's Bees, Milani, Sally Hansen, Stila...Sheer red lip gloss is everywhere!

Not only these kind of glosses are extremely easy to wear (unlike nude, neon, vamp or lilac lips), sheer reds are also extremely easy to find (as almost every brand, from Wet n Wild to YSL, makes a sheer red gloss/lip color). I personally like to call them the girl-next-door-gloss because these are equally approachable (Not me, I was one heck of a sarcastic kid) and it fits the standard of "cherry lips", which is one of the default feature a girl next door should have, according to Chinese media/culture.

I do have a bunch of these sheer red glosses and since they all look more of less the same, I will just mention my favorite of the bunch: BabyPink lip jelly in mulberry(my save-till-last-drop gloss because it's so hard to find in US, even Sasa in Hong Kong stopped carrying it), Anna Sui (girly but quite understated, never trying-too-hard) and Milani Styli-Stick Hip & Cool (given that the pretty pattern on the tube doesn't get scratched off within a day).
My ideal sheer red lip gloss should look something like garnet (my favorite stone beside jade, worn here because the jade bangle kind of gave me a grandma vibe that I have to wear something "youthful" to bounce it off...), a rich red with a touch of wine. Right now I am trying to nag on my mom frequently enough so that she would pick more quartz beaded bracelets (a pretty piece of jade is too expensive) for me, gotta love those fobby accessories!

Anyway, do you have a certain shade/type of lip gloss you keep going back to? What's your favorite in that bunch?


  1. i keep going back to rose colored lips.
    my fave lipstick: revlon colorburst in soft rose (i know you don't like revlon lipsticks, but i love em!), my fave lipgloss: l'oreal hip brilliant shine gloss in mystical (i believe these are discontinued? found mine at a biglots for a dollar), and my fave lipliners: jordana easy lipliner in baby berry (the retractable ones), and maybelline line stylist in rose. of all these products, i tend to use the lipliners most because i find they last longest and look the most natural on me.

  2. I keep going back to all my peaches ones. I also love the red ones you mentioned, but not too wine, i prefer that light red, that not turns pink, just pure red. they keep my face fresh and very healthy.
    I have a bunch of liquid lipstick, that look like a gloss but have more pigmentation and they are pretty nice too.

    I kinda felt a white envy looking at your Buzz gloss (milani) and Stila, i want them but my wallet is crying at the moment (they are cheap, but international usps is so expensive and take too long to arrive..)

    btw, beautiful jade bangle!

  3. i like how Stila makes your lips/cheeks colored all throughout the day. but..i cant stand the packaging. the outside is pretty but how i get the thingy out of it makes me go gaga.before it gets out im already done with my face and i end up not using it anymore. :( any tips how i make it come out easily?

  4. I guess my fave out of the bunch would be Stila Cherry Crush. But I only use it on my cheeks. Revlon Superlustrous in Cherries in the Glow is a pretty good d/s gloss but I wish it's less pigmented. My lips are pink+mauve+red(in that order) so it looks a bit overwhelming for me.

    My everyday gloss choice would be Stila Plumping Gloss in Berry Mint. It's sheer enough so I don't need to look in the mirror when applying.

  5. Now that I'mlooking I dont really have sheer red glosses. Well yeah maybe this one fromwet n wild but mylips are a bit pigmented so it dont really show. How ever I usually use my loreal raspberry smash gloss lightly for that sheer red look.

    Great post and pics.

  6. Is that the pomegranate Burt's Bees chapstick? I LOVE that stuff. So much better than the regular plain Burt's Bees. Those others look really nice too. My favorite sheer cherry red is Bare Escentual's Buxom Lip Balm in "Bora Bora." It's super conditioning and just the right amount of tint. :)

  7. @Wingsinheaven:
    It seems that our big lots have different stock, last time I visit I saw nothing but those Sally Hansen gentle plumping gloss (I like them though)...Anyway, for all those drugstore brands, I got them for "Big Lot" price anyway because I stacked on coupons with sales...

    I never really use lipliner because it looks like it will take forever to fill in the whole lips with that tiny tip.

    It's strange but neutral red tend to turn cherry on me while wine tend to look more mid-tone red...

    The stila is actually quite expensive as it costs 24 bucks with 2.4ml of products. I use it on cheeks most of the time but it still runs out pretty quickly.

    The only way I know is to be very very patient or have your buddy standing right next to you you can use it on her (Kidding)...anyway, I never found a way so I just ended up using the extra amount on my whole face anyway.

  8. @Irene
    It's kind of funny because I would call my lips pink-red-mauve as well but Cherries in the glow is too light for me that it barely shows...

    I guess my lips is really pigmented?

    I know you are going to mention that shade. If I have enought coupons to use I might buy that along with that sheer red jelly balm.

    Yup, that's my 5th tube I believe and I have been a fan since they first released it 3 years ago. But I still like their minted and honey ones though.

  9. jade is expensive? i never knew that...what are the prices like?

  10. actually the reason why i ask is a while back my cousin gave me a jade pendant i never wear...and im wondering if i should just throw it away cos i dont wear it or give it to someone who might...its a dark green pendant in the shape of a tooth a few cm long...

  11. It really depends of what type you buy (and in Chinese, the jade we love is specifically "jadeite", and there isn't a specific type to speak of because unlike diamond/ruby/emerald etc with has a rough guidance on their unite price. Jadeite is classified based on it's color, texture, transparency,size, the color distribution (ie. pattern) and the carving. So it's more like judging an art piece (that's carved on an expensive piece material). Anyway, Chinese always say that gold is priced but jade is priceless and it's invaluable partially because it's closely knit to our culture.

    If you want a basic idea, the really good one (and they use diamond to "decorate" it) can cost more than millions US dollars but for my personal standard, to buy a decent looking jade bangle bracelet, I would plan to chip in at least 1000 dollars. (Mine was around 50 bucks).Of course, you can still get cute ones with nice carve work for around 10 bucks (if you were to buy it in an actual store in China, not eBay) but the same piece would probably be charged 100 US dollar in a jade store in China Town.

    Anyway, there are other green mineral that are called "jade" by the westerners (there are quite a few of them and I don't know their name in English/chemical formula), these can be really/relatively cheap with other composition or it can be jadeite in a not-as-valuable class in terms of color and texture.

    Last but not least, there is A (natural), B (bleached) and C (colored), B being pretty but since it's treated with strong acid then filled up with resin so it has a tendency to disintegrate within 2-3 years then started to look lack luster and C is practically worthless because the deep green color is filled in.

    And for what I see those US shopping channels like QVC, most of their products are C- merchandise. I guess it doesn't matter for American because they habit they have with their jewelry but for Chinese, I would rather spend 50 dollars on a natural but not as pretty product than a pretty for 2 years then break up one because Chinese worn jade next to their skin all the time. And B+C can irritate your skin. (So all those Jade in Chanel fall 2009 runway shows are most likely considered worthless according to Chinese like me.We don't care because grandpa Karl is just having fun with his Orientalism, it's not like he actually appreciate our culture anyway.)

    From what I guess, you probably won't make a buck with your pendant so if you don't like it, just give it to someone who would.


    im intrested to know what type it is is translucent most visibly at the bottom where its thinner as well as the light green colour.
    its been around for 7 yearsish and hasnt disintegrated yet lol... but maybe type b?

  13. I think it actually looks pretty cute, you can match it with a gold chain (then layer it with other necklace) or just use red thread to make a bracelet with it, it would look pretty nice.

    I wouldn't say it's type B (they usually go for bolder/wackier colors if you google something like QVC jade bracelet) and material wise I would say (I am a newbie by the way, there is so much more to it and I am not articulate enough in English or Chinese to translate deeper stuff )it's 豆种" dou" (bean type)because the crystals are visible/larger than 1mm. This is a relatively abundant type (not necessarily worthless) in the market...more expensive types are called Ru (kind of like texture rice cake, if you know what that is), Ci (porcelain), Ice (can get really expensive) and Glass type (a untreated bangle bracelet of this type with no spot cost at least 10,000 USD) ...

    Here is a Google Translated page of the Baidu Baike (Chinese wikipedia) on the specific type. It's not too far off actually. The price of jadeite doesn't only depends on one factor at a time, actually it's more like color-carving-texture-finish all at once and last but not least, if you really like a piece, it's a good buy.

    By the way, you can also leave comment in my Jade accessories post, we are way off-topic here.


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