Monday, April 30, 2012

Revlon Gumdrop Colorburst Lip Butter

Ok, I got suckered in and got more lip butter (God forbid I found one shade that actually works) and that's why you are looking at Gumdrop, a pastel lilac with very fine silver shimmer. It was one of the stand-out pieces in the range because lilac is my go-to method of wearing nude lips (Beige nude either washes me out or just look weird).
The texture of Gumdrop is different from all the Lip Butters I have tried: It's rather solid and hard that not only it hasn't break from the base after 3-4 uses (the others broke after I twisted them up for picture-taking), it also seem to leave not as thick of a layer (so I don't use up 1/5 of a tube on after each application). To me, it pretty much just feels like a non-squishy waxy balm, which beside sitting on my lips, never actually moisturizes.
Gumdrop (can you see how sheer it is?) , Barry M Palest Lilac, Lilac Pastelle, Endless Lilac - If you are looking for a lilac lipstick that actually show up lilac, you should probably try the other three first.
A few layers of Gumdrop does give a bit of a coverage but consider how sheer it is, the purple just blends right in with my natural lip color, leaving the white floating around = aka giving me a my-lips-but-sicker look. It's not a horrendous, but it certainly isn't flattering.

Overall: A little disappointing how sheer it turned out (you might have better luck with it if your lips aren't as pigmented as mine) but I suppose for a pastel lipstick, the formula is still rather smooth and applies evenly...I don't like this shade but I would probably continued to get suckered in to the Lip Butter range since they are reasonably priced at $ 7.75 (do you know that now the super lustrous glosses are priced 9.99 at CVS?) the shade selection is very tempting, the tubes are very photogenic and consider how fast the ones I have are being used up, they seem like harmless addition to my stash.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Shades of Spring

Lettuce Plants from farmers' market
My three most-used lipsticks - CoverGirl Coral Shine, Rimmel Coral Shimmer (I have no clue why I used so much...the formula is dry and the scent is soapy)  and Maybelline Coral Lustre
 I didn't like Firecracker when I first got it (it's simply too orange) but the shade grew on me...not to mention Super Lustrous is one of my favorite lip gloss formulas.
The snack section of Marshall/TJ-Maxx always have an interesting (and random) collection of foreign goods - Marble Pop Soda Original and Blueberry Flavor (it's around 1-2dollars) - I should try it someday to see what the gimmick is about (something like they use a glass ball to seal the bottle) ...
Strawberry and Green Apple (and some soy milk at the right ) - I didn't pick up any since I am a faithful coke addict...
Currently liking: Lluvia de Estrellas (Meteor Shower) by Osmar Maderna (here is the piano score)

Revlon Scented Treats Limited Edition Nail Color - Summer 2012

A limited edition display from Revlon - Scented Treats Nail Enamel. Lucky for my wallet, none of the shades is that unique (I do want to grab all of the macarons in the picture though).
The only two shades I remember are Mint Gelato (which actually smells nice/natural, according to that scratchy sticker) and Strawberry and Cream.

Red Revisit - Laura Mercier Mulberry Stained

This is a short revisit post for Laura Mercier Lip Stain Mulberry (and 2 other red glosses) since (despite its name) I never photograph it as a stain.
Red Patent, NYC Mulberry, Cherry Boost, Laura Mercier, Red Riot
When applied in a sheer layer with a finger, Mulberry gives an even tint. The brown tone balances off the purple in my lives and gives them a nice berry tint (that can be wiped off easily) . I don't get why they call it a stain since the product itself pretty much feels like a (not even moisturizing) lipstick. Anyway, it was a GWP  so it's no biggie.
Rimmel Cherry Boost - I used way too many layer for my review so this is how a normal 1-2 coats looks like (of course it dried up in no time)
Babypink Lip Jelly in Mulberry - The range used to be an all time favorite but then it became so hard to find...

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sally Hansen Rock of Ages Salon Effects Nail Strips

I guess Sally Hansen does put out a new display every other week and here is another one - Rock of Ages (I know it's a show and that's it ) Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips.
Star Quality, Good Gears (?) Finger Lace Glove, Stick and Stones
Red-y to Rock, Rock and Roar, Amp it Up, Zip It and Star Quality

Jordana Easy Shine Glossy Lip Color Sweet Strawberry

Jordana Easy Shine Glossy Lip Color is another of those lipstick-lip balm-gloss hybrid that has been around for quite a while, a small tube contains 1.9g of product and only retails for $1.99 (Which I suppose is a pretty sweet deal since the product is made in USA) .

The shade I picked up, Sweet Strawberry (08) is a shimmer-free, (slightly) cool red that provides a fair bit of color, glossy-but-not-obnoxious shine and comfortable and average-length wear. In a nut shell, it's very much like the fall 2009 limited edition Milani (a sister brand of Jordana) Styli Stick in Hip and Cool (that I have gotten/finished a backup for).  According to Dalenna's review, they are supposed to be dupes for the discontinued Victoria Secret glossy shine sticks.
Some minor drawbacks of the product are:1. It comes with a slim (and long) stick that doesn't retract fully into the tube, it's quite easy to make a mess inside the tube, even though the stick itself isn't squishy. 2. There is an artificial fruity candy like scent, which is more than noticeable but not strong enough to mask the waxy base (aka the cheap lipstick smell) . 3. The silver print on the lid gets scratched off very easily (not a pretty sight).
Sweet Strawberry, Maybelline Cherry Me, Revlon Cherry Ice and Cherry Tart  - When it comes to pigmentation and wear time, Jordana easily outperformed the rest.
The wear time of Jordana Easy Shine Glossy Lip Color Sweet Strawberry is reasonable, it has a half-life of 3 hours on me. At the 2hr mark, I noticed some fading (that's even across the whole lip area) and some balmy shine hanging around. The fading continued after the 3rd hour...then I just wiped it off since I needed to eat/drink.

Overall: A well-formulated product and a great lip tint to toss into your bag or pocket. I probably won't repurchase since the packaging is getting on my nerve.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

L'Oreal Summer 2012 Gold Makeup and Nail Collection and Parisian Spring

 L'Oreal Summer 2012 called "It's Gold or Nothing at all" Collection (with lots of gold, pink and coral) just hit Walgreens(and there is a peel-able coupon attached to the display!)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Borghese Buon Vaggio Mauve Nail Lacquer

Borghese Buon Vaggio Mauve is a muted medium to slight light purple with a little bit of pink - Thanks to the dustiness, not only it's quite flattering on skin (I always think muddy colors makes skin look brighter), there is also a certain vintage feel to it.
I tried this with Rimmel Base & Top Coat which made this a little more resistant to tip-wear (not that I care, I don't like to keep any polish for long anyway), thicker and darker... I definitely prefer the polish shade by itself.

Ardell Special Occasion False Eyelashes

Ardell just released a collection of special occasion false eyelashes (I still don't know how to apply them...), perfect timing (or is it late already) for girls going to proms and the June brides...I thought the flower on the packaging is a nice touch.

Nutra Nail Foot Notes Collection and Wet n Wild Summer Getaway Set

Spotted at Walgreens, another limited edition by Nutra Nail called Foot Notes (Do people actually buy these? They are pretty much one-use manicure that would last quite a while...I would rather wait for a sale and buy 12 bottles of Sinful Colors nail polish instead.)
Limited edition set from Wet n Wild called Summer Getaway (3.99 a piece) - Most of the shades look really familiar to me.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Stop and Smell the Flowers

As exciting as they are, the constant drugstore releases have been overwhelming (I should just stop stalking drugstores like a maniac...ahem) for me and all those snapping-resizing-watermarking-posting can make blogging a chore...

So, in order to enjoy the last bit of spring (actually summer is already here, according to my armful of mosquito bites), I am taking a mini-break from all the spying and product reviewing (just this weekend, since I do have quite a few images clogging up my camera and dashboard) and here are some pictures flowers I snapped to keep you guys temporarily entertained.
Gardenia (how I love thee!) in front of an ancient-looking (can't get that old since it's Texan) church 
Beautiful shape (symmetry), fresh smell and luscious (thick) petals that looks like shaved frozen cream...
Rose is another of my favorites - While I am not really crazy about the real thing, I love to see rose pattern on illustration, fabrics (as if I don't have enough floral clothing already) and print...

I would totally like a sundress with small roses print on it - preferably with pastel teal or avocado green background.
Mom in Japan (circa early 1990s) - This is the only sakura picture I have (scan with a camera) - Ahhh, I so want to photograph the real thing!  

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Revlon Summer 2012 Escapism Collection by Gucci Westman

You have probably seen this everywhere else - Revlon Summer 2012 collection Escapism is finally here!  Is it just me or the Gucci Westman summer releases gets better every year (I remember that I only got 4 glosses back in 2010 and 3 lip products back in 2011 but this year I think I want at least five of these new items)?

Aveeno Postively Nourshing Smoothing Body Wash with Pomegranate and Rice

Aveeno Positively Nourishing Smoothing Body wash (released last fall) is one of the fancier bath and body products available in drugstore, the big bottle has a regular retails of 7.49 dollars and contains 16 FL oz (473ml) of product.

The body wash has a very interesting texture that reminds me of a rice pudding in a jello base - It's dense (that it requires some squeezing), semi-transparent, contains quite a bit of small bubbles as well as natural exfoliants like crushed walnut shell. I think there is a medium sweet (Baked sweet? Perfume? I can't really pin point what it is but it smells familiar and not offensive), mixed with some rice-budding of scent which might be a teeny bit stronger than normal shower gel.
While the pudding texture takes a little time to get used to, a little bit of it actually forms a very creamy layer of foam (when I rub it with my bare hand) and the sparsely distributed scrubby particle are not abrasive at all (so it actually doesn't do much on those dead skin on my legs). It's nice as a body wash but I really love using it for my face, as a gentle cleanser/daily exfoliator instead (For years, I have been using body bar/shower gel on my face when I am in a morning rush anyway).
Ingredient list of the body wash - I am not a fan of  SLS (several clean and clear face wash I used contain this) in shampoo but it doesn't seem to bother my skin.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sinful Color Make Some Noise and Sally Hansen Pedicure Strips

Is it just me or there have been way too many new nail polish displays? Anyway, Sinful Colors just got a new one out called Make Some Noise...most of the shades looks kind of familiar (I do like the fuchsia pink on the right though).
The Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Nail Polish Strips now come with Pedicure version and the five shades available are Toe-riffic, Snake Rattle and Roll, Pink Boa, Strike a Pose and Puppy Tooth.

L'Oreal Colour Riche Lip Balm Plush Plum

L'Oreal Colour Riche Balm ($6-8) came out around the same time as Revlon Lip Butter, while (as we all know) the Revlon sheer lipstick/balm hybrid achieved instant stardom (in blogosphere), L'Oreal is relatively unknown and unloved. Earlier this year I picked up Plush Plum, a muted rosy plum with some golden shimmer, in CVS and ended up really liking it.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Layla Hologram Effect Nail Polish, OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps and Sally Hansen

Spotted at ULTA, there is a new display of Layla Hologram Effect Nail Polish (with random nail files poking around) and each piece retails for 15.5 dollars.

Eyebrow Groomming Comb from Prestige, Japoneseque and Real Technique

I picked up this Prestige brow brush/lash comb last year, when I was on a eyebrow products kick (I still have a brow powder that I need to review). The slim, light weight (but not flimsy) brush is made in Korea and retails for around 4 dollars (a little cheaper than Revlon). While it's handy to tuck around in a makeup bag and does what it's supposed to do: separating lashes and diffuse brow color (I think the bristles swings too much and are a little pokey), the flab handle is too thin that it broke right after I put my bag on top of it (on my bed)...Maybe I sat on it?
If I were to get an replacement (or just stick with product that doesn't require blending) - The one from Real Technique seems pretty well made (and I do like their blush brush) and I would probably prefer the metal teeth to separate lashes.
 The travel brow/lash comb by Japonesque looks rather sleek and substantial (the price shows too...) but right now, I have my eyes on the travel angled brow definer since I actually don't have a proper brow brush.
 Other new products by Japonesque - dual sided makeup brushes
Safari Chic makeup brush set and Kabuki brush...which totally reminds me of this cat from a new drama on NTV...
The Deduction of Mikeneko (tri-colored cat) Holmes - As much as a crazy cat lady I am, I doubt I will be following this drama since I don't feel much for their human cast in the show.Yeah, they have a few Johnny's hanging around but I only like the kids and uncles (whom I have been fan-girling since the 90s) anyway...

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pink Lipstick and Lip Gloss - Sunday Stash Swatch

Pink is supposed to be my least favorite color of all time but a trip down my lipstick bag(pack) tells me otherwise: I have at least 30 pink lip products (and I am itching for more) ...
First here are the glosses- NYX Beige, L'Oreal Cherry on Top, Tutti Frutti, Nuance Pomegranate, Milani Lip Party and In Vogue, Revlon Pink Pop, Power Walk Pink, Pink Whisper and Strawberry
NYX Tea Rose, Maybelline Glisten Up Pink, Revlon Pink Crystal, NYX Rose Lip Gloss, Sally Hansen Perfect Pink, Lancome Rosebud, Rimmel Pink Chic, Revlon Sweet Tart, YSL #10 Provocative Pink , Maybelline Plaza Pink, Disco Pink 

My favorites of the bunch are all L'Oreal Tutti Frutti (makes my skin and teeth looks brighter),   Revlon  Power Walk Pink (I wish they add more jelly into the super lustrous formula), Sweet Tart lip butter (bright pink jelly in stick form) and Maybelline Disco Pink (super glossy and glittery pink disco ball). Now I want that raspberry pink jelly from NYC's spring collection...
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