Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sinful Color Make Some Noise and Sally Hansen Pedicure Strips

Is it just me or there have been way too many new nail polish displays? Anyway, Sinful Colors just got a new one out called Make Some Noise...most of the shades looks kind of familiar (I do like the fuchsia pink on the right though).
The Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Nail Polish Strips now come with Pedicure version and the five shades available are Toe-riffic, Snake Rattle and Roll, Pink Boa, Strike a Pose and Puppy Tooth.

(I have posted about these before but this time the display is full) Limited edition runway inspired shades
New (misplaced) Insta Dri fast dry nail color for the summer collection - the name on the display is for the complete salon manicure polish.
Hard as Nails polishes - Sweet Sorbet "collection"


  1. Thanks! Glad to know Sally Hansen released some more beautiful shades!

  2. These colors are perfect for summer!

  3. is it just me or did sc already release that collection? p.s. thx for sweet comment on my blog! appreciate it!


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