Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pink Lipstick and Lip Gloss - Sunday Stash Swatch

Pink is supposed to be my least favorite color of all time but a trip down my lipstick bag(pack) tells me otherwise: I have at least 30 pink lip products (and I am itching for more) ...
First here are the glosses- NYX Beige, L'Oreal Cherry on Top, Tutti Frutti, Nuance Pomegranate, Milani Lip Party and In Vogue, Revlon Pink Pop, Power Walk Pink, Pink Whisper and Strawberry
NYX Tea Rose, Maybelline Glisten Up Pink, Revlon Pink Crystal, NYX Rose Lip Gloss, Sally Hansen Perfect Pink, Lancome Rosebud, Rimmel Pink Chic, Revlon Sweet Tart, YSL #10 Provocative Pink , Maybelline Plaza Pink, Disco Pink 

My favorites of the bunch are all L'Oreal Tutti Frutti (makes my skin and teeth looks brighter),   Revlon  Power Walk Pink (I wish they add more jelly into the super lustrous formula), Sweet Tart lip butter (bright pink jelly in stick form) and Maybelline Disco Pink (super glossy and glittery pink disco ball). Now I want that raspberry pink jelly from NYC's spring collection...


  1. the standout pieces for me are probably YSL, tutti frutti, pomegranate, and strawberry.

  2. I love pink lip products and you have a wonderful collection of them!

  3. LOL. I had the same experience when I was shooting comparison shots for Watch Me Simmer and Impassiond a few days ago. I was like....where did all these pink lipsticks come from?!?!

  4. lipswatches porn! my fav kind of posts:)


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