Saturday, April 28, 2012

Shades of Spring

Lettuce Plants from farmers' market
My three most-used lipsticks - CoverGirl Coral Shine, Rimmel Coral Shimmer (I have no clue why I used so much...the formula is dry and the scent is soapy)  and Maybelline Coral Lustre
 I didn't like Firecracker when I first got it (it's simply too orange) but the shade grew on me...not to mention Super Lustrous is one of my favorite lip gloss formulas.
The snack section of Marshall/TJ-Maxx always have an interesting (and random) collection of foreign goods - Marble Pop Soda Original and Blueberry Flavor (it's around 1-2dollars) - I should try it someday to see what the gimmick is about (something like they use a glass ball to seal the bottle) ...
Strawberry and Green Apple (and some soy milk at the right ) - I didn't pick up any since I am a faithful coke addict...
Currently liking: Lluvia de Estrellas (Meteor Shower) by Osmar Maderna (here is the piano score)


  1. Believe it or not I actually have tried the marble pop soda like 15 years ago or something because anything gimmicky always got me. I had one of the blue ones - but it was very forgettable, apart from the bottle with the little marble stuck in it that i kept for maybe 3-4 years:)

    Ah coral shimmer and coral lustre were my most used lips products last spring/summer:) I wish I had tried trushines I heard really good things about them after I got into makeup (which was too late!).

    1. I would have totally do the same thing (keeping the bottles for years...I still have holiday M & M tins from holiday 2009) but I guess I didn't want to put that thing in my (already stuffed oversize) bag and go home (on my bike)...Not sure when are they going to restock it in TJ-maxx...

      As for covergirl trueshine, the formula is nice (around the same creaminess as revlon colorburst lipstick) but the reason I really love it is the silver (instead of gold, which is present in most coral lipstick) shimmer, it has more of a light, refreshing spring-y looking instead of a glowy summery one. Now I wish I paid more attention to the line when it was available (this one is picked up during clearance).


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