Thursday, April 14, 2011

Maybelline shows us the bright side...

What is the bright side of drugstore makeup? Having more and more funky choices (like green lip gloss), of course!
These shine sensational lip gloss totally gave me a surge of adrenaline the moment I saw them. Come on, doesn't every girl (or the little girl inside every grown-up girl)love candy-colored glosses? Anyway, the excitement died down within five minutes since I know these glosses are notoriously sheer and the plastic tube with print packaging looks like a potential eyesore (it's going to bother the heck out of me when the print wears out). I think I will be fine without a new green gloss since my Diorkiss Granny Smith(oldie but goodie, I would totally keep buying those if Dior didn't shrink the size/change the tube to a hard plastic one)is still going strong.
And here is a new range Maybelline poster with old mascaras. It's funny to see while Maybelline enjoy putting existing products in new poster displays, Revlon, in another hand, likes to recycle their poster (by photoshopping new nail color onto the old poster or not even bother doing anything).I think I prefer the Revlon approach since they make it more about the products(which are all pretty nice nowadays) instead about "looking like" the models, who are all wearing false eyelashes and /or enhanced makeup anyway.

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