Thursday, April 15, 2010

Revlon Luscious Grow and Daydreamer - Summer (Collection) is here!

The much anticipated Revlon Summer collection is finally here in my grocery store (and girls, please stop asking me where I find these collection and where can I get it [insert state and county name here] or do a custom purchase for you on a limited/discontinued edition from a whole year ago. There are plenty of helpful "consumer goddesses" in the e-world and until the day I am getting paid for what I blog, please stop bugging me. Thank you. )First here is the Grow Luscious Mascara from Revlon. Do we really care about boring mascara (that all look the same)? Nope, so let's get to the goodies.The Revlon Daydreamer Collection -with recycled poster, I think it was named Lilac Pastel in UK when it was released a month ago, features five new colors of lip gloss in the Super Lustrous formula (which is one of my favorite. I never love-loved it at any particular moment but I think I always like the soft watery shine it gives and light-but-not-runny consistency). One eyeshadow quad (the brownish taupe is duo-chrome by the way) and five fairly boring looking nail polish. You know I hate the Revlon nail polish formula as well as any pastel colors, as they give me the weird mannequin hand look.
While I was initially interested in the Revlon Super Lustrous gloss (the color is quite off in the picture for the red and the coral one) in creamy fuchsia as well as the lilac, they seems to be too thick and boring for my liking while the Coral one, called Coral Reef is fairly interesting. An unexpected beauty would be the red one called firecracker, as it's a ripe garnet red jelly, just the girl-next-door type of color I get a lot of use of.

Edit:It's actually a tomato red that looks funny on me so I am off to try other colors in the range.


  1. OHH the revlon mint green one looks appetizing! i HATE HATE the revlon polish formula , i have this one revlon polish and i love the color but everytime i put it on it comes out horrible because its super gooey and streaky=/

  2. I may check the red gloss out. I never really liked revlon's polishes they seem too watery.

  3. Loving the blue from that quad. Even though I own a similar colour XD.
    (But every time I see that shade of blue, I crave it anyway :-P.)

  4. Can't wait to see your review of that red gloss. Your description sounds so promising.

  5. I find this collection very boring to be honest. The only thing that appeals to me is the green nail polish, but I don't like the formula of Revlon polishes.

  6. Sharpie United:
    Yeah, I just gave up on the whole formula alltogether.

    If tomato red is your thing, give it a go...warm red looks funny on me though.

    Wow, you are back (or just your internet is The blue in the quad is alright...but the taupe is really special.

    Forget about the red...the coral reef is much prettier...(I got both).

    There are plenty of green polishes this season so I think it's safe to overlook revlon.

  7. Jessica Biel looks gorgeous on that posters

  8. Cacau:
    Yeah, I especially like the first one...the second one is nice but they already used it around 5 months ago...which makes me believe that all those "Jessical is wearing XXX" text under the posters are pure bullshit...

  9. Love the daydreamer collection, although I can't find that purple lipgloss anywhere, I picked up the peach one and the hot pink looking one. The polishes are love too. I posted some pics on my blog

    I like your blog, I'll follow! :)

  10. LOVE THIS. First day they came in, I grabbed the last one of each gloss (except for the red -there were still 2 left of those.) Can't believe they sold out so fast. I love the polish colors but I don't really like any of my Revlon polishes so I skipped.


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