Sunday, October 25, 2009

Beauty Bandwagon and Blogger Fueled Purchase?

I have always noticed a trend going on among the bloggers, beauty forum goers and youtube peoples: If a well known blogger is in love with something, a week later 100 (maybe not that much)other bloggers would have that particular item in their haul posts. Do you usually buy thing because other blogger said that it's good?

(yes, I ran out of squirrel pictures.)

It's a NO from me as I rarely buy something just because somebody over internet said they love it since:

1. I am too cheap - Many bloggers love and rave about the Shiseido majorlica majorca mascara and eyeshadow but I just can't bring myself to spend 20 bucks (and waiting time) on a drugstore mascara/eyeshadow. God forbid I get a brand new tube of beautiful Revlon gloss for $3 bucks...

2. I am well aware that I suck as applying makeup - Plummy eyeshadow might look good on Temptalia but it will most likely look like bruise on me.

3. I know things will turn out differently. (Unless the blogger is the same age, has the same skin tone, big pigmented mouth and skin type, texture...)

4. I don't like many of the lip swatch online as reference, some bloggers takes picture next to dim light, some uses other lip products alongside but don't mention them, some photo shop, some always smile (not that it's a bad thing but since smiling stretch the lips out, so you have no clue even the lipstick enhances lines or not.)

Of course, I have several blogger influence as well

Lilac Eyeshadow- PJ (A Touch of blusher)
Many of you know her obsession with lilac eyeshadow...I started to try out lilac shadow after reading her blog (before that I only bought things in my favorite color, green, which isn't really that flattering on me) and found out that lilac is quite easy to control and flattering.

Of course (being young and clueless), I had gotten some specific products just because of PJ (Hers is the first beauty blog I read) like blue lip gloss, an Maybelline mousse shadow and Anna Sui blusher...those purchase didn't go too well...

Blushers from the Muse
The muse has a vast collection of goodies and it's hard to keep up with her but every time there is a high-end blush I am interested in, as soon as I confirmed at her site (if she raves about that certain blush). I bound to love the purchase( Stila Cherry Crush, Nars Super Orgasm, Benefit Thrrrob and Coralista, I love all of them!)

Minor ones
Of course, I have gotten the Revlon Cream quad after seeing it repeatedly on Xteener's videos but I think the main reason was that the price(2.5 dollars during sale)was good enough for me to try it out. Then there was that Ly-Na pearl paste bandwagon...From my experience, most of the time if I follow a trend like that (i.e. buying specific product just because other people rave about it) I would most likely not liking the products.

Ok, enough with my case, what about you? Have you ever bought anything because of certain blog posts (or my review? Anyway, it should not be too devastating because I get cheap stuff most of the time)or have you ever jumped in any bandwagon?


  1. well actually i do read read review and swatches and buy them if it really is good and raved by many bloggers and see review on Makeupalley.hehehe

  2. i think blogs& youtube really influence me, just because i such a newb at makeup. But in most cases, I'm just too cheap to jump on the bandwagon. Only lollipop26 really influences me. I just love her youtube&blog, sadly we have totally different complexions so it probably doesnt help me when i start lemming for whatever she recommends

  3. The kinds of things I scope out for from other bloggers are good deals and sales of makeup I'm interested in trying but can't afford at the normal prices.

    One time, I did buy something because of all the raves I heard about it.. but I haven't even used it once, haha. It's that Lucent Perfect UV milk lotion crap... siiigh, wasn't cheap either.

  4. Vanilla:
    I think makeup alley is a good place to do some research, but the place has kill more lemming for me than it created.

    Sharpie United:
    Yeah, it's kind of the same with xteeener, I like how she does her review (well, then again, I probably just like her personality) but her skin tone is way different from mine.

    I am usually very slow when it comes to good deal, by the time I heard it, I already passed the deadline (like those zoya freebie one), actually there was one forum I went to practically every girl has a tube of MAC freckletone lipstick...I just went OK, I never had a nude peach lipstick, this would be the one...(I am OK with the lipstick but probably won't go for any more mac...)

  5. It depends. If I need, let's say, a new blush for example and several bloggers I trust rave about a particular one then I will probably check it out. But I don't go out and buy products that I don't need or are very expensive just because I read positive reviews about them.

  6. Depressing to say but I did a few time especially in my younger days/years. I would pretty much buy whatever people rave about and of course it didn't work out or like you said they use other stuff with it and failing to mention it. And worse case scenario is that they wrote down the wrong color. I use to follow Michelle Phan and sadly fell for almost anything she'd mention. She also label stuff wrong or give contradicting reviews. She would stop using or use too many products. I would die for the lipstick that she was sporting but since she use super bright lighting, all the lipsticks look dark on me and a totally different color!! Shame on me for being such an impressible fool that I was. Shame shame shame. And I still feel stupid.


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