Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Benefit Coralista Blush

Last year, I picked up my first benefit boxed blusher Thrrrob just because...yeah, just because The Muse said it was nice. The chalky looking pink blush ended up being the one I reach for whenever I want a bit of color on my face. It's just soft and has a nice amount of color (1 swipe is enough) and makes already somewhat pink skin appear to be more see through...Benetint also was my over-all favorite stain for that nice flush it gives.

Nearly a year later, even after the Nars Super Orgasm purchase (I said I won't be getting another coral blush). I feel that I had to pick up the the only warm blush (OK there is hoola but you know, I just don't do bronzer...) Benefit has. Coralista! Doesn't the name just screams summer and fun?

The first thing that attracted's the little box! I always like the little paper box container for Benefit blushes although they are not exactly easy to take care off (I squashed the plastic stand for my thrrrob already) I know that Coralista is all about fun, tropical sunshine and a splash of color just from looking at this little cute container...

As I open the box...of course I saw the little brush sitting on top of the plastic stand, many people said that the brush are lousy...but I find them quite well-sized for applying the powder the brushes aren't as soft as my Stila#21 , it's not scratchy either.

In fact, the brush that came with Coralista is a lot softer that than the Thrrrob (maybe it was because I never washed that?) . I totally use the brushes to apply the powder since I am a bit lazy and it's not a super dark blush that's easy to go wrong.
Coralista is supposed to be a peachy pink with allover soft shimmer. It looks more preachy on my skin, as for the golden sheen created by the fine shimmers, I love love it. It creates a flush and a gorgesos golden sheen that lights up my face without making it look like a disco ball. The color is a bit warmer than Nars super orgasm and the gold is perfect for summer!

Another thing great about it is that this stuff smells so yummy, like a orange popsicle! I normally hate powdered product with fragrance, like Anna Sui eyeshadow and blushes, but I love the scents of Benefits products: They are all soft, juicy and fruity.(Totally matching the color of the blushers).


  1. I love the smell of Benefit's powder too!! esp the Georgia peach one, hahaha. I bought it just because of the smell!

  2. wow..smells yummy? great!!! I have raed nothing but RAVES about this!

  3. I hate that box >:-). Normally I like Benefit packaging, but :-/...
    Everyone else loves it though, so that's just me :-P.

  4. I smelled that blush before and it does smell super nice!! The color is very pretty too, but I feel like I have too many similar colored blushes already...haha.

  5. People always rave about this! I never bought any Benefit blushes cause I dislike stuff in square packaging. I have issues...

  6. Cris:
    The little sticker (which started peeling right away) is getting on my nerve though.

    That's an interesting issue, I guess rectangular ones are OK? I like round cases quite a bit since structurally speaking, rounds cases are so much low-maintenance that they don't scratchy or break easily...and they are prettier too...just not very space-conserving...

    But it's a really pretty blush nevertheless.

  7. Actually I hate rectangular ones too lol. It's the aesthetics really. I don't know what's up with my square phobia.


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