Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Stila Cheek Color Pan

I think it's simply impossible for me to hate Stila, most (what am I kidding, I meant ALL) of their color cosmetic have superb pigmentation and blend in with my skin very well. Even a obsessive compulsive person like me can't say no to their beautiful lip glazes. I 've had their cream blush, cheek stain, eye color, eye liner and I simply love them all.

Now is the time for powder blush.

Stila cheek color pans are exactly the same size as their eye shadow pan, which in my opinion , is quite small. You can get the shade you want them place them in a stila compact (sold separately) , which is what I did.

This trio is from the pon pon gerbera collection, the two on the right are actually eyeshadow, and the one on the left is a cheek color, which came on its own (see first picture) , but I don't need to make my eyes look puffier... so I placed the two pink shadow in the the same palette with the blusher.

The blush pan does offer a color that shows and a slight silver shimmer that will give you a fresh face (instead of a glow or greasiness). I don't particularly enjoy this because the surface is too small and I can't swipe once and get enough color I want.

The cheek color pan doesn't have the dustiness of Stila eyeshadow pans. But I guess it's more because that I only swipe it lightly with a big brush. The powder doesn't have any scent, like most stila face cosmetic, which ...well, when a blusher has a normal texture and plain color, I would rather want some nice scent. So...it's decent enough but nothing I treasure.

Like Pink Blushers? Check these out!

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Wet n Wild Beauty Benefit: Pink with Gold Shimmer, the package sucks though...

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  1. just looking at the packaging, it obviously looks wonderful!!!


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