Thursday, July 31, 2008

Three Days of Natural Beauty: Cheeks

A while ago, I discovered some items from the Line Sally Hansen Natural beauty from a drugstore and I was quite impressed with the quality the budget line offers. Now I think I've had them long enough to give some decent reviews, which will be split into three parts. Today, I will share my thought regarding the cheek color.

For what I know, the Natural Beauty line is a sub branch of the existing Sally Hansen, which only includes mostly nail products, various line of lip gloss and lip treatment and minimal cosmetics for face and some other body care item.

The line is inspried by a celebrity makeup artist, Carmindy. (Hey I remember seeing her book while I was wandering around in a bookstore!) Later, I remember seeing her in that TV show called What Not to Wear doing people's makeover makeup.

Pretty eyes! Pictures borrowed from her website.

I generally don't have much interest toward anything involving other people telling you what to do. i.e magazine telling you how you should wear for this and that I personally think that I have a clue and I chose the way I dress, not other people or even a random art student teaching others how to dress up a white tank...Come on, one of my best friends goes to Parsons and she didn't even bother with that or have the "heart of gold".

Ok, I am seriously off topic. So here comes the blusher!

Sheerest Cream Blush in Beaming numbered 1010-01 if I remembered it correctly.

A matte metallic rimmed round compact (Tongue Twister?) with leave pattern in the center, How lovely. I think the Natural Beauty line from Sally Hansen definitely nail the packaging, it's very sleek, modern and incorporate the natural theme very well. I enjoy looking at it as much as I enjoying using it.

The blusher itself is a soft petal pink with texture similar to that of a lip color, it's just a little bit marshier so it's quite easy to blend. At first I was a little bit concerned about how sheer it actually is since most of the time when it comes to cheek color, I use the stain on my bare face or on top of a layer of sunscreen. I want my makeup to look as natural as possible. Any cream/powder will give me a little worry that it will just cake like how all the foundation do.

I managed to take a picture before I dig in too deeply.

Luckily, the blush lives up to its name: A dab or two will not give you much dramatic color, indeed just a the sheerest glow that brighten up the entire face. There are some silvery medium sized shimmer but it's not very noticeable to others. I can't see much, if any, pink tint but that's probably because I have somewhat pale skin (not fair enough to be a Scandinavian, but pale...ahem) with a pink undertone most of the time and an olive undertone in the summer.

Of course, the intensity can be built by layering. I didn't try it on my face to see whether it becomes too thick if I want more color since I don't really like a blush that appears as light pink, same as my preference with lip gloss.

Overall, this is a a very fresh cheek color that's perfect for a spring look, it might suit people with fair skin better. As for the performance on tanner skin, I don't know how it will turn out, come on, the only think I can do is to test in on my toes, where the sun care negligence shows...

My cheek color preference so far: Sally Hansen> Bourjois> Anna Sui.

Later I will be talking about the eye palette and the lip color from the line.


  1. ohh I am starting to get interested with blushes now after I finished whatever I want on eyeshadows! lol..i still want e/s but I am looking at my collection and I told myself I need more blushes! LOL

  2. Hey Nikki:

    I never thought that blusher are necessary since my undertone is quite pink by itself, but then I realized that blusher can be quite additive as well...

    While I am trying to buy any lip product for a year (doesn't seem to work since I just bought some stila lip glaze on Tuesday...) I told myself it's ok to get into blusher a little bit more, since each of them does indeed give a different glow and as long as I stay away from the contour thing, it's very user friendly...

    Most of the time I am horrible with eye shadow, (I just recently got a hang of eyeliner) but I think I became very interest in eye color area(I found my HG eye shadow brand/ which is also my favorite when it comes to brushes and cheek color...) so I think with a bit of practice, I can do those pretty color justice.


  3. Hi Citrine, ohh you've found your HG e/s? What brand is that? If you don't mind me asking!

    Yeah, if you start to get addicted to e/s..uh oh..there's just a whole lot of colors out there :) well, I'm starting on going gaga for blushes goodluck to us! :)

  4. I definitely need more blushes! My blushes collection is quite small and they are all pink lol. I have very fair skin, so I need a bit of color on my face.

  5. Hey Nikki and Gio (again, thanks for visiting though)

    He he...I am sorry that I have to leave a little mystery here (but then again, see? my HG in blusher is the same as my HG in brushes, that's already a BIG hint. Think about it what was the last time I mentioned "holy grail"...I believed that I've only used it once on this blog.

    Screw it...Since it will take a while before I write the review. it's stila cherry crush: the color shows very well that a tiny tiny pea size can be used to give a pretty flush on both cheeks, the color turned out on my skin was rosy with a slight touch of mauve, it stays there all day until I removed it. The best part, it a gel stain that doesn't cover up anything. Something when I look in the mirror it just look like I am having a really good day as opposed to wearing a pretty blush, love it!

    To Gio:

    I think pink is indeed a cute touch of color to add on the face, but I personally tend to like shades such as berry, rosy or modified pink (like golden pink or silvery pink) and when it comes to cheek color, I want the texture to be as thin as possible, so most of the time, cheek stain tend to be my favorite.

    If you just want to give a little everyday color to your face, I do suggest you to go for a good cheek stain, you can wear it alone for under a little layer of powder, it will both look like as if the glow is your own. I do have a coupe of cheek color, but it turns out that 90% of the time, I go for the Stila.



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