Monday, February 21, 2011

NYC Skin Matching Foundation, 16 HR lip stain and Mascaras

We have seen some massive spring collections from Revlon, Physicians Formula, now it's NYC's turn (it's not that big though).
Meet your Manhattan Match with NYC's skin matching foundation, smooth skin concealer and cheek glow powder blush. I might try the concealer someday just to see how it will perform and the blushes also seems rather wearable. Anyway, is it just me or the poster actually looks pretty nice and "high-end"?  The outdoor background and the tone-down makeup makes it looks like it's from a designer's resort collection.
16 HR lip stain and Liquid Lip Shine because no makeup collection is complete without lip products (Are you listening, Physicians Formula?). The launch of these two also means that my beloved lip slider is being sacked (I know many people complained about it's stickiness but trust me, it works so well with lip brush).
Four new mascaras (Show Time, City Curl, HD separating and Volumizing), one of my very first mascaras was from NYC and I am still emotionally scarred by its smudging/clumping power. The Eyeshadow palette looks boring as usual but I think I am spotting some good taupe somewhere...
Btw, the High Definition Volumizing Mascara was used by Asahi for her natural Valentine look (Isn't she simply stunning?). Ok, what I really want to show you guys is the lipstick, which is a Maybelline Water Shiny. How come Japanese people got all the nice finish/shades of makeup even when it's a American brand?


  1. I agree about the Lip Sliders! I use a brush too and it's soooo moisturizing! Gotta keep stocking up on them from the Dollar Tree!

  2. The lip stains look interesting, would love to try them!

  3. I'm glad N.Y.C. is finally improving their packaging, looks attractive -ish now :)


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