Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Maybelline Water Shiny Lipstick and Lip Gloss

I am never that kind of person who buy drugstore products from other country simply because with all that markup and shipping rate, I am better off going for the high end that's available locally...Anyway, my belief was shaken (a bit) after seeing some cool promo images in a Japanese magazine called Mini.
And what got me was...Maybelline? Apparently their entire lip collection is called Water Shiny and it features some sheer, watery and moisturizing lipsticks (for what I know Japanese lip products usually stress on finish instead of color payoff so they generally don't look tacky with all those burst of color or frosty finish). The newest lipstick line is called water shiny pure and has 1000 droplets of water in...1 cm cubed? 1 tube? 1 kg? (Sorry, I can't read...)

Water Shiny Pearl- For some reason I want to give this a try since I have yet to find a drugstore shimmery lipstick that works decently. (CoverGirl TruShine is alright, only if I layer it with a clear gloss...)

Anyway, click here to see the Maybelline Water Shiny product line up (which is shown above), click here to check out the TV commercial and click here to read their (rarely updated) water shiny blog(at least you can see two fairly good-looking and admittedly sissy guys when you scroll down enough...). Last but not least, here is a review and swatches for one of the lipsticks and if you understand Chinese/don't mind clicking around, Michelle also reviewed a buttload of other lipsticks.

I don't think I am stupid enough to pay 10 dollars or more for Maybelline since I could get a perfectly nice tube of Revlon for 3 bucks... What am I talking about? I totally caved in and bought a Barry M lilac lip paint for the price of MAC... (Let's hope the Royal mail people don't get into a strike again.)


  1. I want this because it's called "Water Shiny." Haha, that totally appeals to me. My mom is in Japan right now, I think I might ask her to try and search for this for me.

  2. Asami:
    That's so nice of her...Whenever I try to ask my mom to buy me some Japanese drugstore lipgloss when she travels to Japan (or even just drop by Sasa at Hongkong), she pretend she didn't hear me or just switch topic right away...

  3. Citrine, aw! Well, it's not completely selfless on my mom's part. She does it so I'll send her candy corn, American cereals, her tv shows and cashews. :D


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