Wednesday, May 05, 2010

NYC Lip Slider in Sugar Rush

Another short one as I had already reviewed this lip balm/gloss in another color a year ago.NYC lip slider is a shimmer-free lip gloss/balm with a soft texture, slight sheen and a bonus nauseating scent (I think I finally get used to it or the scent itself faded after sitting in the shelf for a whole year). I always liked it for it's moisturizing but not-too-thick texture, wearable colors and the wallet friendly price tag. Now I like it even better when it's only 50 cents a piece. (Long story short: two 1-dollar-off coupons with CVS bogo sale).NYC Lip Slider lip balm in Sugar Rush is a deep berry wine with a slight touch of murkyness...I personally like these kind of colors a lot as they tend to make my skin look brighter.


  1. Woah didn't know you could use a coupon on the "free" product! hehe I must try that next time. I can't help but comment on all your posts about lip balms. I think they're my obsession.

    I didn't like the texture of these at first, but they really grow on me! I definitely want to try out a red-er shade like that if I come upon a cheap one!

  2. That's a gorgeous shade and what a fantastic deal you got!

  3. Very pretty color I did not know they were so colorful I thought they were more on the sheer side. Great color on you.

  4. I bought this at a dollar store a while's a gorgeous color but I actually found it to be a bit gritty-feeling.


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