Saturday, January 22, 2011

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Eye Candy, Happy Booster, Mineral Wear and Powder Palette

If you like bold, interesting shades, pretty packaging and a relatively affordable price,you will find Physicians Formula spring collection very exciting.
Physicians Formula Eye Candy shimmer strips eyeshadow palette and eyeliner sets. For around 10 bucks (could be cheaper during sale)you get 9 different eyeshadow shades or 3 eyeliners. It doesn't take a math major to figure out how good of a deal it is. (As a non-math major, I just think anything above 10 bucks is expensive for drugstore...)
I haven't tried these Shimmer Strips custom eye enhancing shadow/liner yet (I haven't found any shades I like yet from the past collection) but I think I am liking the lilac one (especially the lime green at the center) as well as the taupe palette (although some shades totally look similar to each other).
 From what I have read on beauty blogs/magazines, these gel liner trios have been getting plenty of good the brand expand the collection and added metallic ones (called Glam Collection) along with new mascaras.
Physicians Formula Mineral Glow Pearl blush in Natural/Rose Pearl.
Happy Booster Blush/Face Powder/Bronzer...I have heard that 1.they have something special to make you happy and 2. these smell really good.
Physicians formula also revamped Mineral Wear Talc Free foundation with a slightly different tub and a flat brush. (I remember buying this 5 years ago when it was the first drugstore brand to do the whole "mineral" makeup thing).
Beside the normal Mineral Wear foundation, they also introduced more color correcting mineral makeup.This would be it for their spring 2011 collection. Pretty impressive, isn't it?


  1. oh gosh~! we that physicians formula make up line, but we only have the basic mineral covers etc. where did you find the eyeshadow?! >.< so pretty

    1. Try the store called Ulta. They have a more cast array of Physician's Formula makeup. For instance, Ulta is the only store I know of(excluding online), that sells almost everything by Physician's Formula including the Organic Wear Loose Powder which is waaaayyyyy better than the mineral wear. I used the mineral wear for many years as it was better than every other mineral makeup brand I've tried. Then, the Organic Wear Loose Powder came out & it is the silkiest, smoothest, most nourishing powder I've ever used & it's the only one I have used ever since. It promotes healthy skin unlike other brands that say it's minerals, but it has all kinds of chemicals that cause skin inflammation. I'm a professional makeup artist & a lover of all natural/Organics, so you can trust me! lol. The eyeshadows are also really great. The skin around the eyes is very delicate & susceptible. Thus, is another reason why this lines of eyeshadows are great. There are no chemicals or poisons contained therein. Have you ever read the ingredients on a standard makeup item from CG, Maybelline, etc? EW!

  2. The eyeshadow palettes and the blushes look gorgeous! :)

  3. the eyeliners and the eyeshadows look so fun! That's a huge Spring collection!

  4. Maki:
    I saw them both at ULTA and grocerys store. I think CVS is getting it later since their clearance sale is still going on at the moment.

    1. Do you know if CVS has them in store now?

    2. Yes, they have been available in CVS for around a year now (and they have added new shades for them as well).

  5. The Happy compacts are so cute ^_^.

    I really like the Hazel Eyes palette, nice variety of greys there.
    That red in the Blue Eyes palette looks like the odd one out XD.

  6. wow! it all looks great!

    @cris i have blue eyes and i want the matching palette because i have every shade of eyeshadow but red...although it is a bit odd!XD


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