Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Anna Sui Whitening Powder Case (And finally a new model)

I know I am over reacting here but...Thanks God Anna Sui finally replaced cutie pie Agyness Deyn and got a girly girl to be the spoke model for the S/S 2010 base makeup collection. (For the none Asian, base makeup in cosmetics, as opposed to point makeup, includes primer, foundation, loose powder and sometime blush. You know, the canvas makeup).

According to Iswii, the collection includes a primer with SPF, a whitening foundation, pressed powder, foundation case and whitening mask.
I would usually prefer the poster to be more elaborated (the Agyness Deyn ad was overkill though) but I guess this is just canvas makeup anyway so you wouldn't want too many things going on at the same time.
Anyway, since it has been two years since Anna Sui last came up with a whitening/brightening line with white packaging so I was a bit interested in the new powder case. Well, until I saw the new design (remake of their fall 2009 black powder case), which is no where as pretty as the older ones.
With similar theme, Dolly Girl on the Beach has a much prettier poster.


  1. Both look really cool. I still like the Anna Sui one though. Haha!

  2. Crystal:
    They are actually both Anna Sui posters, the Dolly Girl on the beach was a theme of frgrance/make up Anna Sui had 2007 maybe? In Japan there is also a clothing line by Anna Sui called Dolly Girl , which seems to be a tone down, more cute than rockerish version of the couture Anna Sui, still pretty expensive though.


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