Thursday, January 14, 2010

Anna Sui Rock Me- Summer of Love

You know I never post much about fragrance as I don't like to smell like anything, but this Anna Sui ad is just...out of this world...
Agyness Deyn, what are you staring at? (I never like her that much modeling for Anna Sui since she is too much of a rocker but never really a princess type of girl...)
Cheap plastic looking bottle of Anna Sui Rock Me Summer Love, maybe? (I do like the color theme though...) . Speaking of cheap plastic...I have also found twp magazine page featuring the new Anna Sui lip rouge T, G, V, T on February 2010 issue of Nonno.The rouge D (for Dazzle) actually looks quite natural here...anyway, my favorite part is probably just the headband.


  1. That add is TERRIBLE! Geeez.

  2. Man...that is one scary a$$ poster... :S

  3. And I think the lipsticks are SO ugly...that even if they are amazing inside, i wouldn't buy it because of the packaging...

  4. Pixie and Daituf:
    It makes me wonder who was hired as the artistic director for all those recent Anna Sui releases...Hopefully it's not Anna herself.

  5. I love the color theme,but Agyness is not suitable for this ad.

  6. I actually think the packagin is good..i dunno whats the buzz about "ugly" thing .. i mean .. its quite nice... :) and the perfume def gonna check it out cause i think the normal red rock me was a little too strong but i love flight of fancy soooo much ... def gonna check it out!!

  7. shopaholic:
    Jessica Stam or Heather Mark or even Vlada Roslyakova would be a better choice.

    Anna Sui packaging are generally nice but I just think that this time they went a bit too far with the dark, rosy theme...


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