Monday, June 02, 2008

Anna Sui Under Sun

Yup, since I am re-doing all of my Anna Sui photo (coming up soon!) But I think these white one I took back in March did a decent job capturing the pretty sheen they have plus I am too lazy to go out and take those pictures again...So, enjoy the outcast from Anna Sui.

The case for brightening foundation, it's probably my favorite case so far. I really want that black one as well) round is as symmetrical as it can get. (Don't you know that if there are two theories out there both with minimal assumption, you pick the more beautiful one, and beautiful here = symmetry.)

This is from a limited edition duo-pack, I didn't like the black one as much.

Protective foundation case, with cool silvery shimmer instead of the girlie pearly type.

Sorry if this is too short, more Anna Sui later!

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