Thursday, February 12, 2009

Anna Sui Loose Powder

If there is one cosmetic purchase that 's totally uncharacteristic of me, that would be for this loose powder. First, I don't have a dresser, having a pretty pot of looser powder right next to my pile of homework and laptop would certainly look very out of place. Second, I am quite clumsy, I bound to tip the whole thing off within 10 days of opening the stuff. Third, despite the acne mark and redness, I kind of like my skin's natural texture and don't feel like cover things up unless my skin is *really* acting up.

But then again, I love the rose relief on Anna Sui I just bought the loose powder and having it staying in its BNIB condition for over a year now. While I was taking pictures of the case to sell it out...I changed my mind and decided to keep it, at least as a jewerly box.

At first, it's just a circular tray with really glossy finish...I can even use it as a mirror!

They a circular box full of the magical 700 loose powder that is supposed to brighten up sallow skin. Of course, to use it, I need to cut it open at first.

Then a sift is placed on top of the powder supported by the edge of the box.

Then a big fluffy purple puff.

Now is the legendary beauty:My Anna Sui Loose Power Case ! (See the reason why I can't let it go now?)

I've tried the loose powder in 700 on my face (sunscreen only) before, it's a shimmery lilac powder quite heavily scented , since the powder flies everywhere, it bothers me a bit. (Another reason I don't want to actually open and use it...) The shimmer gives a slight glow that isn't unnatural. Since it's supposed to use for setting the foundation, so showing pores shouldn't be an issue for some people since the pores are covered up in the first place.

Another two powder cases I have, the luxury loose powder case and pressed powder case.

As cosmetic, I don't like using cosmetic from Anna Sui all that much, but when it comes to the design, she really rocks it!
Just take a look at Anna Sui fall 2008 runway show ( every single piece looks a bit old fashion but they look so cool together. ( I like the model Watanabe Anne too!)

Ooh, I like Du Juan as well! (not so much for the outfit though).

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  1. I have never tried any Anna Sui cosmetics but based on the looks, I've been looking at them all the time because of the packaging! Super pretty!

  2. hey Nikki:

    you are actually not missing out a lot actually...out of everything I've tried, the lengthening mascara is the only Anna Sui product I actually enjoy putting on my face...others, they are alright...They have quite a few cute nail polish shades though.

  3. I don't wear Anna Sui, but I think her stuff has some good colors.

    I love Du Juan as well. I like how unplastic she is. I also love her bone structure.

  4. She really does have the packaging design down. I'm glad you decided to keep it, it's beautiful.


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