Thursday, September 24, 2015

Majolica Majorca Majolook Illuminator Eyeshadow BE700

Majolica Majorca is a brand that always grabbed my eye balls with their seasonal releases. Not only I dig the brand's whimsical, ornate and girly "Majo" (enchantress) brand image. They always come up with interesting theme for each of their seasonal collections. Quality(for product and packaging) is usually quite good, as with Shiseido brands in general.

BE700 is one of the two limited edition  palettes released for spring 2015 Play Queen collection. Beside the alphanumerics, the palette has an actual name which translates to Evening Dress (the other pale pink palette is...Day Dress).
All Majolook Illuminator Eyeshadow has an illuminating cream base on top, according to many bloggers, it usually makes the shadow crease much faster. I never get to test out the longevity because everytime I wore it, I couldn't wait to wipe it off or don't feel like getting out with it on.
The three shades in the palette are
1.Golden Beige highlighter: I totally thought it was a base at first. I brought it to work so I can start adding some "subtle eye makeup" during restroom break. I put on the based and...Cullenized.

2. Caramel peach -shimmery peach with decent (as in, it shows up) pigmentation. It's a little too dark as a highlighter but it works as an in-between blending shade.

3. A purple silvery taupe with complex shimmer. I love the color at first but find it hard to work with. It's not intense and usually shows up semi translucent. Thanks to the purple tinge, it looks like a glittery reflection of my undereye circles. While I love dirty purple and taupe, certain combos of the two colors make me look tired (the popular Wet n Wild Silent Treatment is one of them, this is another).
The only way for it to work on me is to pack on the taupe with a sponge applicator(then I will end up with silvery smokey eyes that flashes like kaleidoscope under yellow light). The sponge applicator included is a joy to use: Very pillowy, smooth and comfortable on the lid while being firm and well-made. So far, I prefer using this to actual brushes (which kicks out too much powder). Either way, I am digging a lot for each attempt so there is a dent bigger than the ones in Lunasol Pink Beige collection (I wear that at least once a week).

I have also tried to wear it in thinner, sheered layer but it either looks tiring on me (when I focus on taupe) or it turns muddy (when I try to blend the two colors). While the shimmers are refined and complex, the blended effect is just sparkly.
Cream base, highlighter and peachy middle shade.
The taupe from BE700, Maybelline Nude Compliment and Chocolate Suede.
Blurred to show the shimmer.

Overall: I kind of like the taupe but 20 dollars (they are a little marked up here) for this one shade is way too expensive, not to mention it's not pigmented and requires lots of layering. This kind of palettes is the reason why I prefer getting singles.

Edit: Eye Ball of the Day here and pan picture here (scroll down to very end).  When the days started to get shorter and colder, I ended up really loving it as my default neutral . It's just enough glossy definition when it's dark and dull (means that beside summer, I can use it all year round) and the color (yes it matches my undereye) is quite unique and flattering.  Well, I guess I need longer testing time for my palettes, at least before I found a way to wear them. 


  1. Yeah, sadly, the cream base is precisely the reason I've never even bothered with MJ's eye palettes. That was why I collected the singles instead, all of which are fantastically pigmented, not to mention the super cute case!

    1. I guess the hongkong sites just don't stock the singles? I probably don't want to bother now since I prefer singles to be more pigmented so I can use only one at a time(too lazy to color coordinate).

  2. LOL at "Cullenized" ;D
    The trio part resembles those Paul & Joe trios (even the applicator). I don't really get the cream base part. (I didn't like the one included in my Visee quint for instance.)
    Nowadays I'm all about medium shades with pretty shimmer, so all three colors look amazing to me. I just know there are better options much thanks to you. ;p

    1. I actually wouldn't mind getting a paul and Joe trio (if the compact isn't made of paper). Back in the days I always prefer Anna Sui/PJ over MJ because the prices on those are more reasonable... Now after pacjaging revamps on the two brands, I actually think mj is more worthy.

      I think I have collected enough palette this past few months, going back to (low-end) singles now...

    2. I can see you've collected more than few drool-worthy eyeshadow compacts these days. Which makes me think I still need a couple more Japanese palettes for myself. LOL.
      Btw, Paul & Joe has a sturdy plastic case avail. This fits both their blush and eyeshadow trios. I never get them on full price, though. (always taking advantage of those frequent sales :))

    3. I try not to take advantage of those sales nowadays, because I always ended up getting fillers that I don't need/love....I think I save more money(and space which is becoming an issue)just order one item at a time. Anyway, I still feel like I could get more lunasol palettes from previous releases...


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