Saturday, November 26, 2016

Five Days in Bay Area Part I - What I brought and What I Saw

So as I mentioned, ealier this month, I went to the Bay Area with another friend to meet up our highschool-college buddy (the two knew each other since 7th grade) .  Here is all the random phone camera photography I did that I wasn't able to squeeze into my Instagram

I tried to add a what I hauled part to this post, but I reckon it's better to keep it separate since I bought too much craps there as well. 
 The Bay Bridge...I forgot about the Golden Gate Bridge *face palm*
A Benefit vending machine at SFO. There is also a Tom Ford counter where every single eyeshadow palette is sold out.
San Fransisco Chinatown was a very relaxing place to walk through and a paradise for bead (semiprecious, jade and pearl!) lovers. Around 90% of the damage was done here. 
Cloud above the Golden Gate Park. I miss the flowers there already (and I will have to wait for half a year before we get any bloom here). 
Cosmos from neighbor's yard
Butterfly at the Academy of Sciences. People call that glass dome a rainforest? It felt like Houston on a balmy day...
Irvin Cafe - with very reasonable pricing and great bubble tea. 
Asian Art Museum - Fairly interesting stuff bottles but could use more painting and textiles.
De Young Museum (didn't have time to go in)
My favorite piece in Asian Art Museum - The Yongzheng single colored porcelain 雍正单色釉. The Palace Museum in Beijing has more of these (fancy plates) in vibrant colors like Granny Smith green and lapis blue...It's on my must see list.

We were in the city for three days (I went to Chinatown twice because...gotta get all the beads) then drove to Yosemite to experience the great outdoor (hiked, was dying). 
Artistic log at Yosemites (I wipped out my DSLR for it) 
Artistic pinecone near Glacier Point (no I didn't do it) 
Now pretending to be a #bbloger - Skincare I bought with me (left my Shiseido cleansers at friend's bathroom and forgot to take out the Josie Maran sunscreen)

1.Andalou Vitamin C Serum
2.Akin Rosehip Oil
3. Jurluque Skin Balancing Face Oil (I mix it with rosehip oil and pad onto damp face).
4. Shiseido lash serum
5.Holysnails El Dorado (I use it on hands and nails)

Two Majolica Majorca palettes which is easy to replace and/or I have (more than 1) backups of (MJ BE-700) . I am actually wearing it today, it goes so much better with the dim lighting of Northeast winter. 
Every vacation I take, I end up packing mutiples of the same thing...This time is four sheer red: Coffret D'Or PK 305, RD 214, Lunasol Energy Red and Revlon Wild Watermelon. 
On my way back. I guess I sort of saw the Golden Gate Bridge?
Back to Jersey on the 7th

That's all for today, I promise the second part will be more orderly.


  1. Great photos! And totally approve of your choice of lippies :D Where's Irvin cafe?

    1. According to google, it's 716 Irving St. 94122 (wait I need to edit the post). I remember it was when we get off the light rail, pretty close to Golden Gate Park...

      It wasn't that great if you are spoiled by all those tokyo eateries (we had a crappy lunch at Chinatown the day before so...)but great for cheap snacks.

  2. I grew up in SF and go back twice a year to visit my parents, and this post makes me so homesick! The Irving Cafe is just blocks from my mom's place, and I've taken a photo of that exact yellow cup at the Asian Art Museum. I haven't been to Chinatown in a long time, though. I wish I knew more about jade and other semiprecious stones so I could appreciate all the shops there.

    1. Get someone to go with you (like me!) when you are there, SF Chinatown stores have stocks of touristy stuff (same quality as the stuff in NY gift shops...aka pure crap) with some decent ones sometime gem grade items mixed in between...It requires some digging and eyeballing but that's the fun part!

      And your mom lives in a really chill neighborhood, soo many cute little restaurants!

  3. I went to SF about a few years ago for work and stayed there for about two weeks. Luckily two online friends accompanied me during the weekends, which saved my trip otherwise would have been totally miserable (the work was terrible). I can't say I like SF (what's up with not giving shoppers free plastic bags, then we have that coming soon here in NYC -_-+) but those weekends with friends are a fond memory.
    I keep looking at the nearly-used-up majolica majorca palette - how is it even possible? Yet it is so satisfying to look at. ;p

    1. Actually I like that they don't give plastic bag (I have to say no bags please all the time I am in store. I tried to use them for trash but it's hard to finish them off).

      Oh, whenever I want to put something on my eyes but don't want to think, the mj palette is my default neutral. I tried many other dirty silver purple taupe but no shade hit my spot quite like it. I think there is a good 40% left...Even when I am finished, I got two backups(it was 16.5 bucks can't hurt) !


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