Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Jill Stuart Jelly Lip Gloss N - Cherry Flame

 Last summer, a good deal of my favorite sheer red had gone bad when I left them in Houston(aka the 100/100 Hell...The number denotes the humidity and temperature in Fahrenheit. Oh, the AC in my room also happened to be broken for months). Well, I guess it was time to rebuild my collection now I relocated to the cooler Northeast. 

Given how I really like the formulations of Japanese brands like Anna Sui, Paul & Joe and Shu Uemura (seriously though, I need to repurchase another shade in this formula), I decided I need to venture further into the territory.
Here comes Jill Stuart Jelly Lip Gloss N in Cherry Flame. A cute name, cute packaging and sheer red, the kind of combo that never goes wrong on me. Anyway, the smaller (9ml instead of the 15ml full sized tube) is also much cheaper from e-tailers (less than 10 bucks when full size is around 25 if I am not mistaken).
The light-weight plastic lid is adorned with a pink Swarovski crystal (I call that "glass")  and even though it doesn't have the heft like those tubes from western brands, the detail is still rather nicely done and the print on the tube still looks  fresh and unscratched after 2 months of uses (tossing around, getting moved from pockets to bag etc).
Applicator is standard slant tip. Nothing fancy and it gets the job done.
Maquillage RD406, Philosophy Cherry on Top and Jill Stuart Cherry Flame. The Jill Stuart Jelly Lip Gloss is more jelly-like (more solid that Philosophy, not as creamy/jammy compared to Maquillage) and rather sheer when it's on the lip. The gloss stays on for over an hour but it doesn't remain freshly applied, instead it just fades into a balmy shine and barely any tint. 
Jill Stuart Jelly Lip Gloss N - Cherry Flame. At first I though the sheer colors, jelly texture and fruity (the fruit-floral scent is sweet but not too juvenile, I wouldn't call it refined or elegant either) smell remind me of Lancome Juicy Tubes Cherry On Top. After some mental comparison ( I don't have any Juicy Tube with me anymore)...I still think Juicy Tube Jelly are much better in terms of finish, scent and lasting power...This is more like Neutrogena Moisture Shine Lip Soother, minus the cooling effect. 

Overall: The gloss itself is really is nothing special but it's basic/sheer enough that I can get a lot of use out of it. The main reason I picked this up is to gauge the packaging quality of the brand (I am interested in their new tinted lip oil thing out this summer, mainly for the fruit shaped tube) and I would say it more than passed my assessment.


  1. I think the finish is really lovely!
    I haven't tried any Jill Stuart although I love detailed pretty packagings like this. Maybe it is a bit too fancy? I don't know.
    I personally think lippie packaging is so important. It is rather symbolic yet has to serve the functional purposes. :)

    1. if you think this is too fancy, you should see that rouge oil (it's so in-your-face ornate that I want it very badly). I guess I love pretty tube on lipstick, actually Revlon tubes are good enough for me and I don't want something too fancy, but I really like cute brow powder/lash curler and mascara tubes, a pretty tube just adds so much more fun.


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