Friday, September 05, 2014

Philosophy Cherry On Top Lip Shine

Philosophy Cherry on Top High Gloss, High Flavor (urgh...) Lip Shine was a sale find at Marshalls (now the whole philosophy gloss range has their package revamped). It's a shimmer-free cherry red gel with a pretty strong caramel scent (that lingers) and a slightly tacky finish. Luckily, it's not sticky at all and the gloss settles to a plump and jelly finish.

 In my red gloss stash, the pigmentation of Cherry on Top was slightly on the sheer side (Paul and Joe gloss would have similar, if not lighter, finish with better color pay off) but at least it's enough tint to be noticeable. The color is juicy enough for summer time but I think I would also like it for colder months, as the fornula is quite moisturizing and comfortable.

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  1. I'm really digging that finish!! So juicy! Not a fan of it being scented, but I could get over it. I've been meaning to try more Philosophy makeup, especially their foundations!


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