Friday, January 01, 2010

Anna Sui - Sui Swirly Lip Gloss

Lip Gloss Galore is back, to give the new year a fresh start, let's begin with A- for Anna Sui, one of my favorite brands!

Anna Sui-Sui Lip Gloss isn't as popular as the blusher or lipsticks. These glosses come in a wide range of colors (including blue and yellow from some limited editions) and some of the shades contains really cool looking holographic flakes and multi colored shimmer.
This particular tube of Anna Sui Sui Lip Gloss comes with a set, which also includes a makeup pouch and cheek color (so it averaged out to be around 9 dollars per item). The tube is sleek, curvy, soft and feminine, the design is actually the few Anna Sui revamped that actually appeals to me. Like all other Anna Sui cosmetics, the shiny plastic packaging is very tough and anti scratch (I have a lipstick for almost 4 years and it still look unworn and shiny, which already beats Lancome for packaging power.) The gloss, numbered 03, is composed of cherry red (that flashes blue) and a soft cool pink. There is a ton of micro glitter (it's very glittery but it looks extremely fine, unlike shimmery gloss from American brands.) There is a strong rose scent that's typical from Anna Sui products, I personally prefer the scent on lipsticks but the gloss doesn't smell offensive or taste nasty.

The gloss is that kind of sponge tip that's shaped like a rod rounded at the tip (so you are supposed to use the side), it does a good job picking up the product without the need to re-dip.When the two colors from the Anna Sui gloss are mixed together. It becomes a translucent fuchsia, the color is bright but not harsh and the texture of the gloss is gel-like, plumping without giving me that kind of sausage effect. My favorite part (beside the nice texture) would be the shimmer, while there is a lot of those, they are multicolored and very tiny in size so they do not add a frosty finish.

Instead, it gives a very nice dimension and some subtle plumping effect which makes lips appear juicy and jelly like instead of big and obnoxious. I don't have any gloss like this in my collection and I would say that it's great for girls with thicker lips who like a little bit of spark without the in-your-face frostiness.

With stronger lighting ( I was peeling my lips during winter so there is a wound on the upper lips) the shimmer are all washed out. The color is subtle but still quite flattering and the shiny and color both pretty well as it doesn't get absorbed or worn off after an hour or two. You might not like it if you prefer the high-pigmentation and vinyl shine finish from MAC lip glass as Japanese cosmetics in generally usually put an emphasis on finish rather than color and they are created to enhance rather than to impact. Overall, Anna Sui lip gloss is pretty good in quality and would definitely make into my top 5 glosses(maybe, since I just find another beautiful gloss that's dirt cheap). The two strips would eventually mixed up but I am OK with it. The light jelly texture looks like a great base for some Anna Sui rouge S, I can't wait to do a lip combo with it!

The Color Chart for the Sui Lip Gloss (you can also see what the applicator look like), according to Anna Sui 10 years Anniversary book, shade 303 is the best seller in the range. Shade 305 should give similar effect as the color I have reviewed.


  1. I do have thick lips! and oohh the packaging looks so sexy!

  2. Hey Citrine! Thanks for visiting my blog!

    This gloss is so pretty! But I'd be afraid of mixing the two colors and it wouldn't be as pretty anymore >.<

  3. That shade looks so pretty on you. And the packaging is beautiful too.

  4. Nikki:
    Anna Sui is more like chubby and cute to me. lol.

    The nice thing is that they haven't mix yet (I used them for 5 times already.)

    Thanks :) All nail polishes look nice on you so all it's fair.

    Anna Sui is expensive mostly because of the packaging, but I am sucker for

  5. This looks so pretty! Thanks a lot for breaking my no-buy will.

  6. Yoetke:
    I am glad I

  7. HI
    nice lips colur..!
    please....can u tell me if u do any thing to u r lips please??????
    because my lips smal:(

  8. do u know some thing for natural colur lips???
    mine so dark at the end:(


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