Sunday, April 08, 2012

Sunday Stash Swatch - Orange Red

Orange red seems to be the IT-shade of the moment, ever since Pantone declared Tangerine Tango as the color of the year. But wait...Hasn't orange already been extremely popular since 2011?  Why would a self-professed "Color Authority" like Pantone (whose previous picks seem to be totally random and have made little to no impact to the market trend...Come on, did we really see a bunch of men and women in bright pink back in 2011,  because "it adds glow to whoever wear it"?)  just make an after-the-event-prophecy like this (and people are actually going crazy for the news)?

Anyway...whatever makes them (and their wallet) many people do actually like Pantone's collaboration collection with Sephora. For those drugstore shoppers who are not really to shell out 20+ bucks to be officially-trendy, here are many affordable and pretty orange red/Tangerine Tango (I really think Mandarin Mango is cuter and more fitting though) items available, all all have been around since 2011 (or earlier).
Orange lipsticks, especially ones with lots of red in it, don't usually go wrong on me so I ended up liking most of what I have. If I have to pick, my favorite would be the few from Revlon (Siren, Continous Coral , Coral and Tutti Frutti) as they are just bright-enough, homogenous (rich enough to not condense, shift in or outward), affordable and everything is very well packaged. Sula Awake Till Sunrise and Rimmel Kate Lipstick no.12 both have great formulas (and tubes)  for their price but the more cherry-red undertone just make them a little less juicy/brightening.

Not included in the picture, my first orange red lip color (it's actually more pigmented than some lipsticks)  was Maybelline Salsa Sun (from their summer 2010 LE, can't wait to see what they come up with this year!) - I loved everything about it and wish it will be re-released (and possibly also in lipstick form) and added to their permanent range.

Rimmel Kate #12, Milani Mandarina, Revlon Siren, Wet n Wild Salsa Lesson, Sula Awake Till Sunrise, Max Factor S-x Kitten, Revlon Continuous Coral, Coral, Stila Orange and Revlon Tutti Frutti (Beside Milani Mandarina, Wet n Wild Salsa Lessons and L'Oreal Melon Punch,  I like everything else swatched here )

That's it for the stash swatch, are you into the whole Tangerine Tango dealio (or are those orange reds good enough for you)?  Do you have a favorite orange item that you swear by? Anyway, I will actually be doing the same thing with all those orange blushes I have accumulated last year (90% of them ended up looking coral/peachy though).


  1. I actually didn't feel the pantone and sephora collab enough. Not at all. And the lipstick itself was easily dupeable so I didn't pick anything up (from that line anyway ~cough~)Thanks so much for the swatches of all these great lippies! I have Siren and wanted Mandarina but it almost seemed too similar. My favorite orange lippie by far is MAC's Morange.

    1. Yeah, everything else in Pantone x Sephora collection is just a spin on the orange-coral trend. As if the color got popular because of Pantone...

      Anyway, I have tried my roommate's Morange, it seems to be right between Revlon siren and coral, so I didn't think I need one...

  2. Haha I like it when you tell it like it is - yes orange or orange red or orange coral was already here in 2011! I especially know it because that was when I got into makeup:) So now I really don't have any reason to be buying new oranges in the market cos I really have a tonne. Funnily I only own 3 out of all that you have! I do love Kate Moss Rimmel 012:)

    1. You totally have excuse to get more! I have told myself to stop the orange hoarding (although I still kind of want to try Wet n Wild purrty persimmon) and just "concentrate" on sheer cherry instead (since all of the sheer red I have shows up very differently on lips).

      Anyway, let's hope Pantone don't end up picking cobalt blue or lime (for some reasons I kept seeing those in FW2012 fashion shows) as the color of next year, that would just make them really lame...


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