Saturday, November 19, 2011

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti

The newly released Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter (pictured is Tutti Frutti) is a lipstick-lip balm-in-one that is packed with contains some natural emollients such as jojoba oil, coconut oil, shea butter, mango butter and vitamin E. The whole range includes 20 shades, each housed in a matte translucent plastic lid and a clear window on top (which might stop some irresponsible soul from opening up/testing them). Each tube contains 0.09oz/2.55g of products, around 63% of a normal tube of lipstick. There was a fairly strong vanilla fragrance the first time I opened the (tightly shut) lid, but the scent becomes negligible after the third use.
The texture of Revlon lip butter is very soft (that I already nicked it three times within a week) and buttery (in a slightly tacky, dead-skin magnet, Elmer glue stick kind of way). The delicate texture is well accommodated by the tube design, which leaves no space for the balm stick to wobble (something that happened to all of my Colorburst Lipsticks).
Tutti Frutti is a semi-sheer, warm orange (probably the most yellow-toned orange I am comfortable wearing) that becomes pretty bold with just a bit of layering. Sometime Tutti Frutti appears like a sunny tangerine while other times, it looks more of a orange-coral-red (maybe due to the lighting difference?) on me. The lip butter gives a greasy (it's neither watery nor gel-like) sheen upon application but it fades down gradually into an even stain.
Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter Tutti Frutti with a smile (manually stretched surface) - because instead of smoothing out the lip line, the glaze-like balm hugs every crevice and works like a lip line magnifier...
Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter Tutti Frutti, a lip line galore. I guess the extra emollient (oily) formula just doesn't agree with my dehydrated (lip) skin?
Overall: While I really love the shade selection and packaging of Colorburst Lip Butter, I am underwhelmed by the overall performance (All the blogger raves make it sound like a makeup equivalent of cancer cure). For tinted lip balm, I much prefer the formula of Revlon's discontinued Beyond Natural Lip Tint which is moisturizing, smooth, nice smelling and non-squishy.

Anyway, this is the review for only one shade, I will see how the other three go (Because I am a reckless shopper with a lot of coupons).


  1. gorgeous shade. u have such white teeth!!

  2. Absolutely stunning - including your teeth!

  3. nice to read your review! It looks lovely on you, too bad it doesn't live up to the hype.

  4. I got this in Pink Truffle last week and as you say, the squishy tube is just too messy! I wish it was just a teeny bit less buttery. Oh and the Beyond Natural Lip Tint was just awesome! I still have a couple of tubes left...wonder y Revlon had to discontinue that one :(

  5. I actually really like the texture on you, maybe I don't mind the lip lines that much? And the shade is perfect, you rock these oranges, girl :)

  6. The shade looks awesome!
    It doesn't look bad at all. Your lip lines aren't bad at all~!

  7. I loved the Revlon Beyond Natural Liptint too but they had such a limited shade selection. I actually found the Revlon lip butters at my local Target yesterday but of course they were sold out of most of the colors. Tutti Fruity looks great on you

  8. Blovet/Jamilla:

    Maybe it does, I am guessing that most people who went OMG over the lip butter haven't tried the beyond natural lip tint.

    I didn't mention all the mess I made (assuming I am the only one who mishandle it), there is a deep plummy shade with more of a solid texture but it just ended up feeling like (the normal) Maybelline color sensational lipstick.

    I think they sacked the whole Beyond Natural lip range (at the end of 2009) to make space for the Colorburst. I wish they got rid of the Colorstay liquid lip color instead, because I don't think I have ever heard a positive review about them.

    I wouldn't mind the lip lines that much but the thing is that the balm makes my lips look more wrinkly than when I leave them bare...

    If you like maybelline coral lustre you might like this as well, as it's just a tad brighter.

    Well, at least they will be available everywhere by early 2012.

  9. Eh. I agree, this is ... meh. I think this just seems like an unpigmented Sheen Supreme (MAC) knockoff.

  10. Eden-Avalon:
    I have tried another shade which was very pigmented (minus the sheen part), too bad that particular shade look way too garish and tacky on me.


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