Saturday, May 07, 2011

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Siren

After the few days of Maybelline intermissions, it seems that I am on my Revlon Promotional Mode again...No, I am not affiliate with or getting paid by folks at Revlon (I wish I am though...)
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Siren is a happy-go-lucky sunny orange creme that remind me of my favorite fruit at the moment, Minneola tangelo (It's cheap, juicy, just enough of sweetness and very easy to peel,love it). This particular shade first came out with their vintage-inspired Fall 2010 limited edition called Fire and Ice(my tube has a cursive writing on it, many find it cute, I think it's just alright)and was later added to the permanent display this spring. Good news for us that now we can rock this major S/S2011 trend without any visible dent on our wallet.
Compared to other orange lipsticks, Revlon Siren is just a tad brighter/yellower than MAC Morange, which itself is a tad less red compared to Revlon Color burst lipstick in Coral(an orange I like quite a bit).

I have mentioned a while earlier that Revlon Super Lustrous isn't the best drugstore lipstick formula I have tried (the Colorburst range might be it after Max Factor was pulled out from US last year)but it isn't horrible either.The creme formula is non-drying and semi-opaque, sheer at first swipe but buildable. The lipstick glides nicely without tugging but it also managed to enhance some dry patches that I didn't know I have.
Siren on Lips - See the dry flakes it brings out?The lipstick also got somewhat uneven when I was building on the color.Luckily, bloopers like this can be easily fixed with a bit of lip gloss on top.
Revlon Siren with Lancome Juicy Tube in Orange (one of my favorite smells in makeup).
Overall: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Siren is a great, fashion-forward shade that's also easy to wear for many skin tones (unlike Shiseido Day Lily, which made me look like a clown). The formula isn't as creamy as I want it to be but the color more than made up for it. For people who are just starting to dabble in the bright orange zone, I suggest skipping MAC Morange and just head to the two from Revlon, Colorburst Coral is great lip color for a retro, glamorous look (that you can also wash down with a sheer gloss for that fruit-punch effect), Siren in the other hand would look great paired with a glowy summer tan and colorful sun dress/bathing suit.


  1. Siren looks like a pretty orange. With lip gloss, it looks even better! I dislike lipsticks bringing out patches or sinking into my lips which happens pretty often.

  2. Amyboo:
    I think you might like the new Maybelline Colorsensational high shine formula (I have Coral lustre, which is a really cute orange coral), it actually has a watery, sorbet-like finish that's very common on Japanese lipsticks.My favorite part is that they actually smell pretty nice.

  3. this is an amazing orange red! I love the swatches there... i think i need a shade like that!! it lokos fab on you too :)

  4. Lovely name and colour. I must say your lips look juicy and luscious!! ^_^

  5. Nic Nic:
    I am sure you can find something similar from brands like Canmake and Dollywink (or a Tsubasa brand I don't remember the name of). I wish American brand would do more orange, especially on cheek products.

    Thanks. I think your lips is plumper than mine though :)

  6. Hi! Could you please tell me which lancome juicy tubes did you use over revlon lipstick? Is this Lancome juicy tubes 06 orange by nature or something else? Thanks very much in advence, color is brilliant but I'd like to know what lip gloss you used.

    1. I believed I have named it right under the picture "Lancome Juicy Tube in Orange" the shade name is "Orange". I bought it more than four years ago so I am not sure if it's still available.


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