Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter Raspberry Pie

Unlike the other two shades of Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter I have tried, Raspberry Pie is more of a pigmented plummy cream lipstick. Not only the it's intense enough to give full coverage with one swipe, the stick also seems relatively solid (as it hasn't break from the base or make any squishy mess on the tube). I personally don't think the formula is particularly nourishing (it's oily alright),  moisturizing or hydrating (the skin on my lips is rather permeable so most glosses and many moisturizing lipstick are able to smooth out all the lip lines. Revlon isn't one of them) but it's still a great cream lipstick formula. 

Close up of Revlon Lip Butter Raspberry Pie - It looks a bit like chocolate truffle

Swatch of Revlon Raspberry Pie - It applies nice and smoothly but the sheen also disappear within 10 minutes,  leaving a bold stain behind (which itself is longer-lasting compared to the two shades I have tried).  The pretty plum ended up looking like a bright magenta on my lips, which is very garish on my winter skin tone.
Raspberry Pie with NYC Sugar Rush. The deep color all settled down in my lip lines after it's glossed...
Revlon Grandma Magenta Raspberry Pie, Maybelline Berry Beautiful (the only wearable shade of the bunch) and YSL Provocative Pink, aka the overly-squishy pole-dancer-pink that wrinkles up my lips every time I wear it. Now I think of it, Revlon lip butter is really like a drugstore twin of YSL rouge volupte - They are both nicely packaged, have a wide shade selection,  made a huge buzz in the blogging community, loved by everyone except me...


  1. I also do not like YSL rouge volupté... Smells and tastes horrible :/
    This is a nice color for only a butter ;)

    1. Really? I actually think YSL rouge volupte has one of the best smells among all the makeup I own. Like a mango sorbet pudding one...The finish is what gave me all the problems.

  2. AND ME!! I also hate YSL Rouge Volupte AND these! I haven't reviewed my two lip butters but trust me, they didn't do much for me either. <3

  3. I agree, the cream lipstick from this line doesn't blur our lines! I need a balm or extra gloss on it! :)

  4. This color looks lovely on you! My local Target is still out of the colors I want to try -_-
    Btw I tagged you for a cute blog award, hope to see you do it if you have time ^^

  5. Ah..I don't think I've seen Respberry Pie in any of the stores I've seen with lip butters. I love how pigmented it is!!


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