Wednesday, March 10, 2010

YSL Rouge Volupte Provocative Pink No. 10

After having read hundreds of positive reviews and looking at a ton of swatches, the time has arrived: I finally have jumped into the YSL rouge volupte bandwagon and got a tube of the beauty as my Christmas treat (along with other junks).

Unlike most bloggers who went for their famous high-coverage creamy nude, peach or beige, I went for the fashion-forward fuchsia called Provocative Pink (#10),which turned out to be a color that I am unable to wear unless I am auditioning for Pretty Woman, as know...The rationale of the YSL Rouge Volupte color choice was (honestly a bit stupid) the following:

1) This is the poster color (I am not even a fan of coke-Kate.)
2) I like the fuchsia /gold packaging. Yup, that's all I need.
3) I wonder does it get any prettier than my HG fuchsia.
4) This is the least well-rated one in makeup alley. (I was thinking I am a "cool kid" who can pull of what other people can't...)Anyway, the YSL lipstick comes with a sleek golden box, instruction paper in several languages (I apply lipsticks straight from the tube so I didn't bother reading it) explaining the moisturizing benefit and whatnot. The tube of rouge volupte itself is quite heavy (it's around 2x the weight of MAC and 1.5x that of Lancome) and it feels solid and substantial when I am holding it, beside the pretty tube, the mirror on the lid looks very well made and tough (I have dropped it for 2-3 times and it's still intact). I would say that the tube itself is beautiful, luxurious and it makes all of my other lipstick look cheap in comparison. (So I have decided to get some Lunasol or Coffret d'Or to "strike a perfect balance in my stash". Women like me are good at finding excuse to shop...)YSL rouge volupte in # 10 (swatched/dabbed on the right, compared to Lancome Satin fuchsia)is a fuchsia that leans toward being a deep rose. The lipstick has a delicious fruity scent (other people call it mango but I thought it smells like some sort of fruity milk pudding from Asian grocery stores) and a very creamy texture.

Just like Lancome Satin Fuchsia, the creamy texture of Rouge Volupte gives a very soft focused shine on a predominantly matte finish, which is nice for a color this bold.An extremely thin layer of YSL Rouge Volupte #10 worn on lips - The finish is similar to that of Lancome le Rouge Absolu but this particular color, Provocative Pink is not very wearable when applied in the standard way (gliding it on) that I had to use it as a stain instead. The formula is creamy, but not "replenishing" which means it forms a thin layer on my lips without filling the lines up (like normal glosses or moisturizing lipsticks), hence the wrinkled-up swatch.

I think most people wouldn't have this line enhancing problem (as my lips have very thin epidermis with high permeability. (Reads: give me moisture I will thrive...or else.)
Glossed the color up with a clear gloss (liplicious from bath and body works...again). While the rouge volupte is a mouthful when worn alone, the formula wears beautifully as a stain: I only need 2-3 very light dab on the lips to get a good amount of color and the formula is so fine that it doesn't become runny or get dissolved and diluted like other lipsticks.

Anyway, I find the color too bold when worn alone (actually I haven't find a shade in the Rouge Volupte range that's remotely's like they have deep red, wine, pale beige and bright coral but there isn't a soft rosy nude) but it's beautiful as a stain. A thirty something dollar stain might be expensive, but the packaging is gorgeous so I am happy with the purchase.

Overall -Not really worth the hype, at least not this shade. (I love it as a accessory nonetheless.)


  1. That is a beautiful lipstick, both packaging and color.

  2. I actually like the lip color on you!

  3. Its funny the same thing happened to me. I wanted to buy one of these lipsticks bcuz I think they're gorgeous. I didn't buy the typical #1 or #2 or lingerie pink or any of those light pinks that many people own. I bought mine in Opera Rose and it is so so so SO PINK! Bright pink! While I do love these lipsticks I think they should make them in more wearable shades (maybe with a little glitter). I find them very one tone, bold, and solid in color. I want to buy a peach one next hopefully someone can recommend a nice wearable one. THANKS!

  4. Kim:
    I am not sure about the color (Lancome satin fuchsia looks prettier and 2-dollar-clearance basket max factor looks pretty much the same...) but the packaging is quite nice...
    Thanks, you will laugh when you see me loading this on...way too trashy.
    It's funny because I consider opera rose one of the "more wearable" ones...I actually don't mind they are all shimmer-less because I reckon it would definitely change the cream/slighty shiny but matte finish when they add on the shimmer, it might turn drier or they need more moisture to hold on to the glitter that the pigmentation started to decrease.

    If you want a peach one from this particular line, there is peach passion (nudish peach), peach faubourg (slightly less nude than peach passion?) and rose paris (bright coral)...I don't find any of those what I call wearable (a pop of color while being overall neutral)but I think rose paris would look really pretty as a stain then layered with a clear gloss.

    Anyway, I personally don't plan to get more from this line as I would like to try out other brands (if I were to shell out 30 dollars or more) instead.

  5. ayiah! you finally succumbed to the uber expensive rouge volupte!! now I'm all alone...='(

  6. haha... so it's color good enough for whores.
    I do not get the hype of YSL... i mean it's lipstick... how great can it be? Most end up in my digestive system anyway...

  7. Anonymous #2
    I try things out so that you don't have to, right? (Haha, for a packaging xxxxx, it's only a matter of time since this is by far the prettiest lipstick tube I have in my collection.)

    P.S. It would help me a lot if you guys just leave a nickname along with your comments because frankly I get tired of calling you guys anomynous no.x.

  8. Daituf:
    Yes, it's lipstick but sometime people love lipstick is not because of that layer of color, it's that sensual, glamourous feel you get when get a tube of beautifully designed lipstick out,pop the lid open in front of dresser, glide it on your lips then ...smack!

    I personally like lipstick and blushers because they make me feel pretty, rather than changing my appearance (by very little, since I like very toned down looks).So, I get the hype about the packaging, and the lipstick itself, it's alright (but lip products just don't usually go wrong on me...)

  9. The packaging is so gorgeous and I like the color too. Very hard to pull off though.

  10. I just love the packaging.. I might get the bright coral if my lips stop chapping so badly during the summer

  11. I NEED one of these! This colour is amazing, it looks beautiful on you!

  12. yeah, packaging totally gets me too... but i really have yet to find a lipstick that in itself is very superior in quality you know?
    In fact, I think some drugstore brand has better quality than high end like dior... dior just continues to disappoint me...thank god their packaging isn't that amazing so i'm not tempted to splurge on it...
    japanese brands are a different story tho, some are indeed superior in quality

  13. Gio:
    Those YSL are not made for everyday look unless you are very light-handed.
    Yeah, I wish I went for the Rose Paris instead...(and YSL just has to come up with a sale BEFORE releasing new products...)
    If might be safer if you go with something more muted because this color is way too bold.
    I actually have gotten lipsticks from Lunasol and Shiseido Maquillage...I am waiting for the maquillage to arrive (but I heard that the packaging is somewhat cheap looking) but as for lunasol, it looks very nice while being understated...I think I like the design better than YSL.

    P.S. Western brands usually don't know how to do "cute" like Japanese ones...


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