Thursday, October 27, 2011

NYC Lip Gloss in Rose Kiss

From last fall's Berry Bloom Collection, NYC Rose Lip Gloss an interesting lip gloss and lip color in one. The reason I call this product interesting is that, while it holds a solid texture and decent pigmentation, the gloss gets mashed out and becomes very fluid the moment I lay my brush on its surface (which means it took me a grand total of one use to ruin the floral relief). When viewed as a lipstick, the slippery cream often travels outside the lip boundary or get wiped off easily. For a lip gloss, the pigmented and slightly frosty formula just sits on my lips, feeling mask-like without plumping / filling up my lip lines. I do like the particular shade I got, Rose Kiss (medium mauve pink with silver shimmer) but the formula is pretty much the worst of both worlds.
Rosy glosses side by side: NYC Liquid Lip Shine Midtown Mulberry, Rose Kiss and L'Oreal Colour Juice Lip Gloss in Cherry on Top . Rose Kiss is the only unscented one and my least favorite of the bunch.
NYC Rose Kiss on Lips  (after I gave it a few minutes to smooth out)  

P.S. The texture of this is actually very similar to the lip colors found in elf Beauty Book Lip palette, which includes 12 lip colors, a flimsy brush and a lip pencil for five bucks and always ends up in clearance. I guess it's nice to have these kind of cheap thrills if you want an assortment of shades to play with but to me, the texture (of both NYC and elf) are so unwearable that both purchases are just waste of money.


  1. Too bad about the texture. After it smoothed out it did look lovely on your lips.

  2. Oh wow...i'm sorry about the texture , they look pretty on packaging though! But that doesn't help! LOL

  3. I totally agree with you on the textures of NYC and Elf!

  4. Boo for bad texture. =/ The packaging is quite pretty intricate! Oh well.

  5. :( Sorry about the texture. I don't think I could bring myself to use it ! ; _ ; It looks so pretty!

  6. That is pretty...but the texture doesn't sound great.


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