Friday, September 10, 2010

NYC Berry Bloom and Sun Soaked Collection

Spotted at my grocery store, two new displays from NYC:
NYC Berry Bloom seems to be a floral themed collection with shades of pink, wine and plum. The lip plumper gloss called Mulberry seems quite interesting but that 4-dollar price tag scared me a bit (See? I got my L'Oreal glosses for a dollar a piece so 4 bucks for NYC seems a bit too much in my book.)
There is also that Sun Soaked Collection which I am pretty sure was a summer release. The lip glosses both looks really nice though (I have gotten a gloss from this line and it was way too sheer to show up...)


  1. The Berry Bloom collection looks lovely!

  2. I don't do too well with n.y.c products. I may check out the matte bronzer looks interesting. Overall I gues it's ok

  3. Gio:
    I like the theme and the display a lot too!

    Hell Note from Beauty:
    I don't like their eyeshadow/eyeliner/lip gloss/lipstick I have tried but I think some of their cheek products are pretty nice...I am wearing a peachy blush from them that I got for 25 cents a while ago...I think it actually looks pretty nice, reminds me of Nars luster!


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