Monday, August 01, 2011

NYC Liquid Lip Shine in Midtown Mulberry

My first very purchase from NYC, from 8 or 9 years ago, was a Liquid Lipshine gloss in a shade of shimmery light pink. It didn't start too well since the gloss was too thick, frosty and frankly, too tacky-looking (a general image I associated with NYC for a long long time).  Fast forward to 2011, NYC re-vamped the liquid lipshine range with a new flat package (and quite a few frosty shades). I picked up Midtown Mulberry, a muted berry pink-red creme with negligible silver micro-glitter that's only visible in the tube/on skin/lips when you look really really hard (why bother then?).
The applicator of the new liquid lipshine is flat, somewhat long, slightly resilient and soft to the touch. It grabs a decent amount of the gloss and feels rather comfortable on the lips. The caramel-scented gloss gives an impressive pigmentation consider the watery texture it has (that stays moist through out instead  of drying into a stain) .
Arm swatch of NYC Midtown Mulberry, with Revlon Cream Lip Gloss in Berry (very close to my natural lip color) and elf Luscious lip color in Cherry Tart (not sure why the shades now swatches so bright now I am darker). All three are my-lips-but-better sort of colors although they swatches so differently.
On the lips, NYC Midtown Mulberry wears very comfortably and looks like a glossy rose. While it's one of the more pigmented lip glosses I have tried, the shade still seems to adapt to/looks good on each individual's skin tone (I have seen it looking like a milky red in other blogs).

Overall: The affordable price (around 2 bucks), moist texture, great pigmnetation,shiny and smooth finish, wearable color...I thinking I almost like everything about it (Ok,I am not a fan of baked sweet scent).


  1. It's a very pretty colour - much more expensive looking than the price would suggest!

  2. I did like Midtown Mulberry, but found it too red for my liking. I love Fashion Ave. Fuchsia, though.

  3. Thanks for the swatc, this color is very pretty.

  4. Jamilla:
    I actually try not to buy high end gloss (unless it's squeegee tube, which contains a lot of product) since they all end up more of less the same on the lips, at least a foot away.

    The fuchsia scared me with the chunk and chunk of glitter...I might give it a try though since it's a just a little more than a dollar when it's on sale.

  5. Great shade, I might pick it up myself!

  6. Rocaille:
    I think you will like it (and if all thing fail,it's at most $2.27).

  7. xD I love the scent myself but I haven't seen this shade. I wonder what it'd look like on me~ Thanks for the review.

  8. Eden-Avalon:
    I think it should look pretty good, I actually prefer the warm red berry shade it turns out on warmer skins.


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