Thursday, January 27, 2011

Elf Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Cherry Tart

Elf Luscious Liquid Lipstick (retails for $1 at Target and their website) is one of those products I would temporary put away my OCC (built-in applictor gets in my nerve) brain and bitchy personality for. It's cheap, and it contains very little products so when I toss it, I am just getting rid of that little bid of product and the excessive packaging...Am I just finding other ways to complain about elf? Of course I am.  
Cherry Tart is a sheer gloss (no, the "Luscious Liquid lipstick" is not a lipstick at all) in cool red. The product itself is creamy and not (that) sticky (for a gloss),there is a faint minty scent but it's not strong enough to leave a tingly sensation.
Just like the other elf gloss I have tried, Cherry Tart is very wearable and comfortable (unlike the other one which numbs my lips. I like the subtle shine (sometime I am just not that into glossy glosses) and moisturizing formula but the staying power is somewhat poor that I can barely feel the moist feel after half and hour.


  1. the shade looks really nice!

  2. oh the shade looks so lovely and smooth - youre right it really is a lovely sheer gloss. I'm going to check this lipgloss out.

  3. Lovely shade! I just wish the scent matched the shade :(

  4. this gloss looks MUCH darker on me


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