Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Lips But Better - Revlon Beyond Natural Cream Lip Gloss in Berry

I have totally found it, the lip product with just the right shade, just the right amount of glossiness and it's just 4 bucks (OK, at sale price).Want to guess which lip gloss it's from? Well, I will save you from the guessing.
It's Revlon Beyond Natural Cream Lip Gloss in Berry. It looks like a deep mauve (ever heard of the phrase liver-lips? Sometime this is the thing popped out when I see somebody's lip swatch...) and it seems too deep to be flattering. But since I found out that among all the beyond natural cream gloss, the deeper/shimmer free shades happen to have a nicer texture and more flattering color.No need for more babbling. I have found the perfect my-lip-but-better lip product, have you found yours?


  1. wow beautiful! it looks like a good dupe for my Estee lauder High Gloss in 11 Blush. a Cheaper alternative, I must look out for this!

  2. I haven't..either the one that works for me is the Lancome Clear gloss tube, but for the tinted ones, I haven't found THE ONE. I never think of your lips as imperfect as it's already perfect on any lipsticks or glosses!!!! But if you say this is the one! this must be really good!!!

  3. Interesting. Is it moisturizing? :)

  4. That is a lovely natural colour, you almost can't tell its there in a good way!). I think I'll have to keep an eye out for this lip gloss.

  5. lilluna5416:
    I just googled the color and it seems that it's actually looks a bit like a shimmer free version of Revlon cream gloss in rosy...

    I think this gloss it's perfect in a sense that it's pretty but people wouldn't be able to tell I am actually wearing anything.

    Urgh, I think the cream gloss isn't that moisturizing (actually some lighter shade would look horrible on dry lips) the beyond natural lip tint and the super lustrous gloss are, though.

    Montpellier Beauty Princess:
    This is exactly what I think!

  6. u're smiling in the pic!!! Haha, you look truly happy to find this prodcut :D
    Never thought to try the lipgloss in this line before...shall look for it next time.
    My "my lips but better" product would be Joe Fresh tinted lipbalm...but it's exclusive to Canada I think...

  7. Daituf:
    Haha, I just want to show off my teeth once in a while (my dentist said that only 1% of the people are born with teeth like these)I am not really that happy to find any lipstick since I have accumulated this many...

    Anyway, Revlon do have a couple of really nice lip gloss, especially some from the Super lustrous line.

  8. I like it. I have to see if i can get my parents to send me a few of these from the states they look like my kindof thing!!!!

  9. Tali:
    That's very nice of them! Every time I call my mom wanting her to get me some Japanese beauty gadget or drugstore stuff to play me, all she does is changing topics...(I always bough cheap junks and left them scattering around the house, she was too tired of cleaning up my mess...)


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