Saturday, June 05, 2010

Anna Sui Face Color Accent : Give me rosy cheeks, literally!

I have reviewed Anna Sui Face Color Accent in 400 back in 2008, while I liked the silky texture, high pigmentation and adorable packaging. The red color just looks weird on me no matter when/how I use it. My dissatisfaction has little to do with the product itself, I decided to give it another go when I found a makeup set containing the blush (so this time instead of paying 24 dollars for a single blush, I chipped in 27 bucks for a makeup pouch, a lip gloss and this limited edition blush!)Face Color Accent R (for rose) 03 from Anna Sui is packaged similar to the ones from the permanent line, It comes with a typical Anna Sui rose scent, oval compact with clear window and a soft and tiny brush. The only difference would be the 3d rose engrave and there is golden shimmer on the lighter side/background.
The matte rose is in fuchsia (hot color for the season!) and the shimmery side merely gives a soft champagne glow to the face. When used together (I like to use a big brush so it's hard to pick up the colors each by itself) the blush gives a soft rosy flush along with a glow.

: A really neat and basic item (not to mention it looks super cute in your makeup pouch!) I got more than half a year ago(Yeah, I am slow).

By the way: Thanks to an anonymous reader (Yeah, I am supposed to delete all those nameless comments but then I got lazy as some of them did provided some useful info, like naming this OPI nail polish) for the info, Anna Sui cosmetics (along with Paul & Joe, NYX, Medusa, Japonesque etc.) is now available at Urban Outfitter's official website. The stock is not that big at the moment but I can already see all the Face Color Accent, Eye Color Accent, and the new Lip Rouge D. The price is alright similar to its Japanese counterpart and the best part is that there is free shipping on purchase with any regular prized beauty related item!


  1. The packaging is sooo cute, I love the color and how it has a little shimmer also!^0^

  2. Wow thanks so much for mentioning that it's sold on Urban Outfitters! So convenient, I definitely want to order.

  3. The packaging is too cute!

  4. Really cute blush and packaging- i have never tried her makeup I might just have to now!

  5. Hello, i love the blush, where did you buy it?


  6. Anya Sant:
    I got it at evecare dot com at the end of last year and I don't think this particular one is available anymore.


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