Monday, March 08, 2010

OPI Nail Lacquer in Shimmering Coral Jelly

You might wonder why is the name of this OPI nail lacquer so lame, well...the label at the bottom was peeled off before I got a chance to remember (or even read) it...
Shimmering coral jjelly(just deal with it) is a semi-sheer soft coral with matching golden shimmer- The color remind me of Nars orgasm blush, or a smoother, more opaque, more delicate version of the NARS orgasm nail polish.
The shimmers in the polish is so fine that they look invisible in some angles and the nail polish looks jelly.
I am guessing this is a relatively old OPI (as old as the Australia collection?) as it has the normal (not double brush jointed by the side) brush that's so much easier to work with...

So for those nail polish addicts out there, what is name of this polish?


  1. I really like that color! It literally looks like jelly to me. LOL!

  2. This colour is lovely!! Did you ever find out the name of it?! I'd love to be able to get my hands on that!

  3. April:
    I still have no clue about it...

  4. I think it's called "Chapel of Love"

  5. Chapel of Love definitely

  6. Hi :D That shade is so pretty, and I like your blog.

  7. I have Chapel of love and It is more opaque than this color you are sporting .Yours is a jelly .Chapel is a creme.And the australian collections coral shimmer which I do believe is its name is more orange than coral with pearl more than shimmer.Great blog by the way.

  8. 太好了,我因為不知道opi色號所以估狗圖片尋到這個網站,請格主告訴我這個色號(或英文名稱)是什麼,謝謝~

  9. Chapel of Love啊,具體號碼不知道,因為帖紙被撕掉了...

  10. 嗯嗯感謝~我終於找到色號了哈哈哈....因為我這裡的賣家都是用色號在賣opi,so...


  11. Love Me Tender? From an old Elvis-themed collection.

    1. Oh no...that looks awfully close(I just told another girl the shade is Chapel of Love). Anyway, thanks for dropping by.


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