Monday, March 01, 2010

Lip Combo - Rosy Kiss and Coral Kick

Here is a set of lip combos with a marginally related/unrelated cover page.
I was trying to make the nasty Revlon lipstick work by layering it with Dior but that stuff is a lost least they look nice in picture.
Revlon Rosy lip tint with DiorKiss Granny Smith (which tastes nasty...)

Revlon Rosy lip tint with Sally Hansen Lacquer shine lip gloss Peony
Bobbi Brown lip gloss in rosy + Covergirl Coral Shine+ a clear gloss from Bath and Body Works (that stuff is really glassy)Cover Girl Coral Shine + Sally Hansen Lipnotic Gem gloss Bejeweled (Cheap version of dazzleglass)
Max Factor Sweet Tart + Sally Hansen Bejeweled on bloody bottom lip, which was actually just a lipstick stain (I was trying very hard to wipe off another max factor lipstick but that thing would not budge, even with oil and shower ...)
MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner Popster + Max Factor lipstick Sweet Tart


  1. I love all the lip swatches but my ultimate favorite is the last photo, your lips look like you had nothing on but blessed with soft tinted lips :D

  2. love the bobbi brown+ covergirl one!
    guess u have tons of lippies huh??hehe

  3. Nikki:
    I love the last one the best as well, too bad both products are not available any more... (MAC better bring popster back when I run out...)
    Shhh...don't tell my mom about it...

  4. They all look pretty, esp Bobbi Brown + Covergirl (very glossy!) and MAC + Max Factor (very natural and pretty).


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