Friday, February 12, 2010

Covergirl Tru-Shine Lipstick in Coral Shine

Another toy I bought during the year-end drugstore clearance sale. I am a bit surprised that I don't actually hate the lipstick (consider drugstore lipstick with shimmer usually translates into disaster).Covergirl True Shine (It's name TruShine but I will call it True Shine anyway) Lipstick in Coral Shine was released...I actually have no idea when it was released since I am not really a big fan of Covergirl and never paid attention to the line up.
Anyway, the lipstick comes with a very light and feeble metallic tube that's made of plastic (the only drugstore brand lipstick I have tried that's more wimpy than this would be Wet n Wild silk finish, which costs a dollar at the most) but I guess the cover has nothing to do with the content in this case: While the packaging is a lot shabbier than the new Revlon, the lip color is a lot less hideous and so much more wearable for spring time.The True Shine lipstick has a thin/light texture (compared to all the drugstore lipsticks I have tried) that feel somewhat emollient (but not replenishing like some of the high end lipsticks) and gives a medium coverage, shimmery and shiny finish that's not too thick or frosty/tacky.
The stick/bullet itself it's not too hard/dry (that it's hard to get some color) nor squashy (that it would gives you way more products than you need), one swipe is enough for a noticeable amount of shimmery color and two swipe will give me a ideal coverage.

Even there is a mouthful of shimmer, the tiny particles do varies (a tad) in sizes so if gives a dimensional finish instead of flat-full-on-frosty finish, I don't think my lips love it all that much by itself though so...
To smooth things up a bit, I layered a clear gloss (a random duo-side one from bath and body works, as it's the only 100% clear gloss I have)on top of the lipstick. I think it's pretty...

Overall, it's a nice lipstick for around a dollar (it was 50% off and I had a 2-dollar off coupon with me), I am not sure if I want to spend more on this...

P.S. I am totally in a coral kick right now, who is with me?


  1. I am! hehe

    I loved that shiseido day lily but shiseido is so expensive here in brazil... :(

  2. cacau:
    I think everything is a bit overprized in Brazil (from what you have said earlier about MAC and Lancome...) I do like the lipstick but I feel that some max-factor ones perform just as well...My favorite part of shiseido is their skincare. (Of course, they have some Asian-exclusive makeup line that look very nice, I am just too cheap to pay for the mark-up.)

  3. Yeah, all those foreign brands are overpriced here. But we can buy it in a site like e-bay called mercado livre (free market) for half price but It'll never really be cheap cause dollar here is valued 1,77 so if you pay 10 dolars for something I'll be paying 17,77...almost the double. Never tried shiseido skincare, just makes...

  4. Haha I'm in a little coral kick too.

    I liked the tube. Totally cheap and trashy but it was fun! Like space-age shit or something.

    It just appealed to my inner child... that must be it.

  5. Amy:
    It's amazing how easy it is to make a cheap Covergirl/Maybelline lipstick look pretty in picture while it's insanely difficult to make a tube of YSL lipstick to look as pretty as it is in real life...

    I so need a DSLR...

    P.S. Coral is totally the bomb of the season, too bad not many drugstore has pretty corals though...

  6. i usually just go to cosmetic counters and as for samples to try,if i like it,i'll buy it.I think Lancome started to run out of ideas and lower their evaluation on their customers when they think we will let a non skincare skills guru sweet talk us into buying their products.Most teenagers can't afford Lancome.Michele is a cute asian,but she would look much cuter without cake up her colorful face and talk like selling herself on her vids.When someone sounds too sweet get me scared of being fooled.Lancome should know sweet talks don't make their products any different in the market.So if their idea is Michellphan will attract young customers,they should know that there is a return policy on Lancome,not like IQQU (I cute kill you)no return policy.


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