Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Give me liberty, lipstick and flowers...

For those of you who missed out Chris and Tell (or who didn't even try because there is no flashy limited edition packaging.), it seems that Lancome will be releasing 8 new shades of lipstick in the L'Absolu Rouge formula. Kate Winslet (Raise your hand if Titanic made you cry like a faucet.) is the poster girl.
According to the Iswii article, the new addition of L'Absolu Rouge (They gave it such a poetic name in Chinese that I have no clue how to undo it.) not only contains Pro-Xylan to "replenish, reshape and smooth out" dried up lips, it also has a new ingredient called "Smoky Soft Pearl" to "further plump the lips and to mimic the sensual texture and color of rose petals".

The price of the lipstick remain at 29 bucks (I think, as I just divided the official Taiwanese price by the currency rate) and this time there is a new packaging featuring red-burgundy-brown-black gradation on the tube as well as a rose imprint(I am not sure if they always had it, I never bought any of l'absolu rouge in the past, just le rouge absolu with blue tube.)

Beside the lipstick, there is also an eyeshadow quad, brow pencils and 3 new "le vernis" which were given the name "watery iridescence nail color" (I suck as translating) , each in a shade of rose. I love the gold tube and the golden shimmer in the polish but certain shades have a bigger likelihood to look trashy when vinyl finish and/or shimmer is involved, deep fuchsia is definitely one of those colors.

If you can't get enough of lipsticks and flowers (I love floral design!) MAC will be releasing another floral themed collection after being in the Lillyland. This time is another collaboration with a clothing line- British Clothes/home decor/accessories seller called Liberty.

For around 5 seconds, I was struck by the beautiful lip gloss, lipsticks and that cute bird on the nail polish called blue India (Do you know that Urban Outfitters carries some close-enough-for-me dupe for 5 bucks?) then I just thought these plastic packaging looks a tad cheap and plastic-ky.

Being a sucker for limited edition packaging, I think I will still get the lipstick just for the heck of it (Like how I ended up with the green and lilac tendertone, purple lustreglass, Hello Kitty TLC and Love Rock blush...)Kanebo Coffret d'Or New base makeup with pretty makeup case. And for those of you who wonders, the spoke model of Coffret d'Or Shibasaki Kou did have her hair chopped. (Her bell shaped cut wasn't a fake bob). And yes, there are more flowers...

Sephora by OPI got everything you need for spring 2010: Purple, fuchsia, coral and floral (it's called modern flower collection!), the green on the right isn't all that appealing to me.

Orly Bloom- I think I will be a bit depressed if I get these kind of spring bloom in my backyard.
Too Faced Flower Child eyeshadow palette, again, the colors are a bit too dull for my liking.

Clinique(Edit: It's Clarins) Cotton Flower- Does it even count?

Even Anthropologie has a Flora collection (well, Anthro always has that ornate style anyway...) for the spring. 138 dollars plus tax for all the hip factor of spring 2010, no thanks...

Anthro also carries this delicate little pair.

Juicy Couture floral hoops, around 70 bucks.

Anyway, what's you favorite kind of flower for this season? I would say the accessories part if my right ear is not peeling right now because of an ornate (costume) earring.


  1. I love reading your posts!!! I probably don't have to tell you this again, but you make me laugh every time! I loved your honest (and hilarious) reaction to the MAC Liberty of London products and this: "Orly Bloom- I think I will be a bit depressed if I get these kind of spring bloom in my backyard." HAHAHA. And you don't suck at translating! My Chinese is way worse than yours!! LOL.

  2. Oh, I loved clinique cotton flower, I want it! So delicate...
    Kate winslet was so photoshoped that I don't even recognized her, but I loved the combination of red lips and nails, It will be my inspiration for the weekend..

  3. Rita:
    Don't worry, I never get tired of hearing that :)

    I am guessing it won't be as delicate after a few swipes, that's why I usually like it when the foral design is on the packaging instead.

    And now I think of it,Kate Winslet's face doesn't seem to have any sagging but then again everybody photoshop anyway (even bloggers who do minimalist makeup like to to some retouched here, there and there...They might as well do the whole look with photoshop.)

  4. More than any other attribute, the key to the mood a flower inspires is its colour. Dramatic, eye-catching blooms tend to make their presence felt through their rich or vibrant colours.

    sympathy flowers

  5. I'm becoming tired of photoshop, specially in magazines and cosmetics posters. I wanna see real people :O
    By the way, changing the subject, what do you think about avon, do you use it? have anything?

  6. I personally am OK with the PS on posters because I will never look like Natalia Vodianova anyway and I think they are selling an idea onn the poster and it more pleasing if they erased a few blemishes on them.

    Topic Changed- I have tried a deep nude-brown lip gloss and an eyeshadow quad from Avon 2 years ago and the quality and packaging back then is pretty unpleasing, the sealed lip gloss actually bubbles (bubbles, yes you are hearing this right) on my skin and the eyeshadow is quite sheer and dusty that I tossed them right away.

    And I think I am slowly be seduced by the dark side (High end cosmetics) after trying many many drugstore products and became bored by them. (I still like those $1 clearance products though...since I am cheap) That's why I am posting less plain reviews of cheap products since I am not interested enough to buy them...

  7. Sometimes I'm excited about the best make ups, and pay a fortune for them, sometimes I'm happy to get a lot of cheap itens, so I like to read any type of reviews.

    So don't get mad if I ask a lot of your opinion, I'm very curious to know if what make success here is loved there too, ok? hehe

    By the way, bubbles? tell me more..lol

  8. Just take a look at #21 in this post.

    P.S. I will be doing a 10 of my favorite high end items as well as 10 of my favorite US drugstore ones (as well as talking about Japanese cosmetics in general) so you might be interested in those. Anyway, I am really slow when it comes to finalizing a plan though, so don't get too excite or mad when you don't see it in a month.


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