Friday, January 08, 2010

MAC lustreglass in Opal

MAC lustreglass in Opal is my first mac product I have ever gotten. It's a shimmering blue based lilac gloss with a tacky texture and glossy finish. I didn't like the color (well I like it because it's wacky) too much as it picks up all of the ashy part of the skintone and turns me into a zombie
But if you look closely, the lilac shimmer is really pretty and the glossy finish doesn't look too bad. (And it actually looks really nice when it's layered with a fuchsia lipstick, like what I did with lancome satin fuchsia) It probably a bad choice for winter though, the color simply makes me look dead unless I am directly facing sun. Anyway, since I am almost running out of Opal (I have no ideal why do I use up wacky glosses so quickly)I think I need to get another purple one...Too bad the Lilyland lip gelee was more grandma mauve than purple...


  1. I really want to try out some MAC products. What would you recommend? If you can, please leave your comment in my cbox on my blog: Also, welcome to view my blog and subscribe! Thanks.

  2. Crystal:
    If you are actually looking for recommendation. I have only tried MAC lip products and blush, so I would say the tinted lip conditioner and mineralized blush are good places to start your MAC collection although I personally like their LE lipgloss in wackycolors like green and lilac.

    P.S. I prefer to answer question on the same post so that people with similar questions wouldn't need to ask again (and I don't need to answer twice) and I am sorry that I don't suscribe to blogs. I read the ones I am interested off my blogroll.

  3. I don't own any MAC lustreglass, one reason is my fear of making my huge lips even bigger :)

  4. Nikki:Lustreglass isn't that magnifying compared to other jelly finished glosses but the texture is tacky and gooey (not moisturizing at all) so it doesn't help much with dry lips.


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