Friday, December 11, 2009

My 2009 Holliday Wishlist (and how I cleared it up)

Do you keep a wish list? I personally don't because if I want something plausible (An anti-example would be the fact that I want Natalia Vodianova's face but I can't really get it), I will just go get it...Of course, there are several items that I might be interested (in the most remote sense), they get flushed to "not interested" list pretty quickly though. For this Holiday season, I want...

Lemming No.1 - Tsumori Chisato for Shu Uemura Starry Kitty Mirror

When the Tsumori Chisato X Shu Uemura Collection just came out, I fell in love with the kitty theme and dreamy/starry design...Although the face highlighter and lipstick (from Fuzkittie) have the cutest packaging ever, I wasn't that concerned until I saw the mirror in Catherine's post(she has a matching manicure!) I am not an impulse shopper (yeah, right...) when it comes to something there were two little guys fighting with each other...

My subjective self:
"OMG the kitty is so cute!"
"And come on, this is literally starry night/eye in your pocket."
"I will sure use this (unlike the my other "toys".)"
"The compact is slim and easy to carry!"
"15 dollars is not too bad. (Compare to a $20 blush that I never use)"
"It comes with a pouch to protect the kitty! "

My objective self:
"The pouch is pink...urgh."
"And it looks pretty cheap in picture (would be worse in real life)"
"The mirror is a gift with purchase in Asia" (So it's like a $15 markup)
"It looks quite huge to carry around."
"And it's not as delicate as the highlighter compact."
"It doesn't look substantial/tough from the picture."
"Square mirror is more likely to break mathematically speaking."
"It's less 'beautiful' than round ones aesthetically speaking."
"Woman, do you know how many mirrors do you have?"
"It cost 8 dollars to ship this from coupon code"
"Claudia would be mad that I love another cat." (What am I talking about, she is not even my cat)

6:11 Objectivity prevails. (Note to Chisato-san, your stuff are cute, but not quite Anna Sui...)

Lemming No.2 - Guerlain Rouge G (the fight between my two inner children continues...)
The dreamer:
"Look how incredibly nice it looks on Pink Sith!"

The examiner:
"Since when are you into lipstick?"
"You will leave fingerprint allover the bulky tube."
"This cost $45. ( which translates to an arm and a leg in your dictionary)."
"It kind of reminds me of Sally Hansen lipstick that's around 10 bucks (Temptalia has more swatches here )."

The Result
1:4 - If I like A but not B while A belongs to B...Then I don't like A.

Lemming No.3 - Anna Sui brow powder (Would it be a "Yes" since it's one of my favorite brands?)

The Idealist:
"There are not many Anna Sui products that still keeps the Victorian rose design."
"The two shades look so natural and wearable " (for a blond)
"Drawing eyebrow with a pretty compact is such a glamorous thing to do(especially if you watch Chinese ancient costume drama)."

The Utilitarian:
"You already look like crayon shin-chan without any brow filling."
"You hate compact that comes with brushes (as they all suck but look ugly when lost)."
"Oval compact is not nearly as pretty as the round ones."
"You have plenty of brown shadow that you 'use' as brow powder."

The Result
3:4- A close match but I think I still want something from Anna Sui this winter.

Lemming No.4- Digital Single Lens Reflex camera

The "lame artist":
"It just looks so cool!"
"It takes very sharp pictures."
"It doesn't eat away color (see Karen at MBB and Temptalia) ."
"It works at low light intensity.""

The Broke College Student:
"Professional camera for lip gloss/squirrel !?"
"It's too heavy to carry alone all those text books."
"You might as well buy ticket to Poland to follow Blechacz."
"Midnight is for cramming not swatching lip gloss."

The Result
4:4 Rationality rules, I don't even want to buy a replacement point and shoot.

Lemming No.5 -An Endless Supply of Junk Food

The Angel:
"Your butt will be as big as that of Claudia."
"You will get high blood pressure..."
"yada yada yada"

The Demon:
"They are [as] yummy [as American food can get]!"
"Not to mention saving you tons of time."
"You can get unlimited refill at the big M."
"I don't care!"
If I come up with N reason to say no, there is always N+1 reasons to say yes...When it comes to junk food. (Yes, I am a lost cost.)

Whenever I am shopping, this is what is happening inside my mind: I go through an internal struggle as my two split personalities argue with each other. At the end, the side with more point wins (that's the reason I don't feel like listing pro-cons in my reviews as I have already run through them in my brain before I make the decision). Since I can't multi-thread like a duo-cord microprocessor...those chit-chat runs in a humanly speed, which makes shopping with me a "pain in the @$$", according to my friends.

For those of you who finished reading my novel, what's on your holiday wish list ?


  1. LMAO what a tough inner battle you had endured ;)
    when we rationalize and list out the pros & con.. do we make better sound decisions?
    i gotta learn from ya..

    ohh about my tsumori chisato collection!..i went radical to RIP & CUT out the boxes packaging for my cat costume for the makeup party...many said OMG you did the

    but i guess reward does come with sacrifices..
    i won a shu uemura hamper that contained their all time bestsellers..cleansing oil, lash curler,makeup base, face mist, mascara lol
    i pull off as best kitty look & best makeup woohoo..

  2. Stellar Vixen:
    That sounds like a fun activities! At first I though you were dressing up your cat...

  3. I just want to say your blog has to be one of my favorites. You are very witty. I enjoy reading a blog about cosmetic products that has some humor in it, makes it so much more enjoyable.

    I have the same inner battles in my head over things I want. I have a huge wish list that I continuously add on to, but end up never really getting anything because I reason my way out it. Then sometimes I have the problem where I'll come across a random product I like... I don't think at all and impulsively buy it and then feel like an idiots later.

  4. I was set on getting a couple of things from the tsumorixshu collection because well ... I'm a sucker for shu and packaging. After actually taking a look at the collection in person, the packaging was extremely cheap/plastic-y up close, which was pretty disappointing. For the lipsticks the cat layer actually comes off, and you get like a second rate normal looking shu lipstick packaging underneath, lol.

  5. Awesome reasoning. I would definitely fall for the camera one though >.> I still don't get why you (as in people in general)would want to spent $45 on a lipstick! It's so crazy. I have no lemming for it. But haha the YSL Rouge Voluptes are a different thing...

  6. Wow, you're so rational...
    I have a rational side also...but it only kicks in AFTER I buy... -___-
    Which is why I always keep the receipt...and try not to shop any place that doesn't accept returns...
    Imo, you should say No to the Shu mirror, and Yes to the DSLR and Yes to the junk food...

  7. Stephanie:
    I do tend to get rational for a while then blow the money I save on something totally random.

    You just saved me 23 dollars or something, I actually thought the lipstick look the best out of the bunch.

    For some reasons I like Guerlain better than YSL, probably because it's the lipstick my mom wears (and she only wears lipsticks and pressed powder) but not Rouge G though, I like the bulky KissKiss line better.

    I don't like to take receipt because if I take forever to make the dicision,I will try to convince myself it's the right one, that's why I still have some random MAC/Nars I don't really love but they are just there.

  8. Wow, that camera does look nice.

    I think I'll be wishing for socks and underwear this year. I'd feel like a dumbass wishing for makeup when I have so much already.

    Maybe some perfume as well. I don't own a huge amount of perfume (yet).

  9. Pixie:
    Now you reminds me that I need to buy those (undies and socks) as well, I swear I have 3 douzens of each by now it seems that they are dissapearing bit by bit...

  10. haha I like the different voices / inner battles~ I do it allll the time to really justify any purchase~

  11. Akisa:
    I actually go through that to clear out my wishlist, when it comes to purchases, I do it at random/impulse more often. lol.


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