Sunday, April 26, 2009

Neko Mania Makeup Bag

I first saw these nifty Neko (means "cat" in Japanese) Mania bags in a Japanese magazine called "Mina", the tote with cat design just got me right away and I just had to get it. And where else to go beside the evil bay?

I ordered this makeup bag as well as a medium sized tote, both look pretty cute and unique.

If you are a more-than-serious reader of my blog (means you click to enlarge everything.) This bag should be familiar to you as well...

Since it made a guest appearance in the MAC Hello Kitty Popster post.

I like how it's big enough to carry everything you need for a whole set of makeup. (For me I just use it to carry the goodies for the review pictures) and it has two separate pouches inside to store your eye drop, small brush, tweezers away from the rest of the junks.

The design is quite nice but I personally would not recommend anybody to get this since the light pink canvas gets dirty very easily and when I tried to rub it clean, the pattern started to disintegrate and fall off , the bag also lost its shape. (Of course you can put used newspaper inside the bag the keep the shape but once it's washed, it looks worn right away...) The same thing happened with the canvas tote I got.

I mean, they are cute, but way too high maintenance. (Do you expect me to dry clean this?)

Here comes the real neko: This is Claudia by the way, my friend's cat.

Looking like a sweet little cat...

But she has the biggest feline backside I have ever seen...


  1. Claudia is the cutest!!! and the you made me laugh!!! So sexy still! :) Love the Neko Mania bag..:)

  2. Neko Mania bag looks great! Claudia is great too... :)

  3. That bag is very cute and so is Claudia!

  4. LOL, that feline's got some junk in her trunk!! xD She's cute~ That bag is so adorable.. I try so hard to keep my makeup bags clean so I never have to wash them!!

  5. my roommate bought a panda bag!
    She is just THRILLED with it and can’t put it down.

  6. Flores:

    Wow, that's is pretty cute! (The price also made me gasp...) I think I would need to go stationary hunting in Japanese to find similar design.

  7. I just bought a Neko Mania bag yesterday in Camden Market in London. It took me three visits before deciding which one to buy as they were all so ooo!


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