Sunday, August 30, 2009

For the Barbie Wannabes

I was just doing some web surfing and window shopping online and guess what I saw?

Isn't this Barbie™ Loves Stila All Doll'd Up Palette so cute? And for 28 bucks you are getting 12 colors in total. Stila sure knows how to work in this economy. I am still waiting for some reviews on this item because the last 2-in-1 eyeshadow I have tried: the eyeshadow duo was horrible in quality so unless some people proved that these shadow have the same color payoff and texture as the Stila single pans, I will not chip in.

There is also a set of matching lip glaze as well, I like the far right (Pucker Up) the best but 22 dollars for's way too steep not to mention Pixi has a similar color (for less) that looks quite pretty.

The three Barbie Smudge Pots seems a bit boring compared to the existing collection and the blue one looks just like (if not more bland) the one I have , well they will release a shimmering black and a kitten smudge pot according Temptalia so I guess we will have to wait for a bit.


  1. I can't wait for that Kitten collection! I've never really liked Barbie like those obsessed people on youtube. And the trios just don't look as pretty as the single shadows. Did I mention that I hate how the duos don't even fit in the palettes? Eh...

  2. The palette looks gorgeous, esp. the green purple color pot. Also love the colors of the smudge pot!

  3. the smudgepots looks fab!!!! I want one!!!

  4. Smiley:
    I think Stila made news one that would fit in the single pan...I believe they kept the shitty formula though.

    From some bloggers, Stila Smitten with Kitten collection is already out in ULTA...too bad I live no where near one though.

    The teal/purple/gray is my fav in the palette. (I love green but it doean't look good on me as a shadow.)

    Maybe they will have these reach all to way to Philippine?(Since you guys have Stila there now.)

  5. ahhh me totally digg all barbie line cosmetics
    too bad stila had moved out of my country (malaysia) :(

  6. Lynn:
    It sucks that the brand you like had moved out but on the bright side, there are always new things (much cheaper than Stila) to be discovered and you guys actually had the chance to buy Stila dirt cheap.

    I do like the brand, but I try to not get too attached. (And finding cheap stuff at drugstore is way more fun.)


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