Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Stila 8 Pan Compact

I am not really a palette person because most of the palette either looks too professional (MAC) or too cheap and ugly (everything else). But Stila 8-pan is a nice exception, the compact is cute, slim and quite practical, especially for people with a somewhat sizable eye shadow collection.

I just don't get why they have to discontined that I can only dig it up at eBay...

The compact has that old Stila Girl design I really like, a lot better than the current plain square thing actually. To prevent further scratching, I use a plastic pouch (came with a budget set at beauty crunch something like that.)

Of course, the compact just come with a large-enough-to-see-your-face-plus-neck mirror and a double sided brush, which is a bit on the flimsy and small side, but at least I can use the flat eyeliner side.

Each slot is magnetic so no glue is needed and I can pop each one out with a needle if I want to make some color arrangement.
The pon pon gebera trio, it works well as a liner I guess...but the shade has too much pink undertone that make me look bruised if I use it as a shadow.

Actually I have not found a brown that works for me yet, most of them are either too rusty (red) or too poopy (orange/yellow).

Swatch of this palette plus the single pot. Indigo got stuck in an Anna Sui pot and there is a big hole on the pan because I was trying to get the thing out...

Anyway, I think I have enough Stila shadow already, it's time to go for something else...


  1. I plan to get some of these ;D.
    Even though I really don't need them, you know how many shadows I have already, lol. But they're just so beautiful :). Especially Poppy <3.

  2. LOL most palettes are cheap and ugly? You've got some standards girl! xD

  3. Fuz:

    I mean the multi-pan palette (like that 88-pan thing) ...I think the those Guerlain and Lunasol got some really nice textured compacts, but most of the time I am only interested in one shade in it...and I think the two brands (image wise) are a bit too mature for me at the moment, so I guess I can wait a bit before I am (and my wallet is) ready...

  4. thanks for sharing the photos and swatches :) awww, it is really Lemming worthy!!! looks so pretty but I have to be in the states to be able to purchase Stila products for cheaper price :)

  5. Discontinue? OMG really? During the recent Stila close-down sale in Malaysia, they're selling this empty palette for only RM70. A big, fat deal I'd say. But I passed, since I dont really own that many Stila e/s.


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