Thursday, July 30, 2009

Victoria's Secret Wet Dry Eyeshadow

I have no idea how long these have been around, but last time I visited the store there were there and I picked one up out of curiosity...There were beige, gold, deep green, eggplant and brown. But I played safe and went with safe color, lilac. (my skin turns purple when it gets cold so purple is my "brown".) The name of the shade is called Violet Femme, which makes no sense whatsoever.

Seriously, why wouldn't they just name it violet women or femme violette...To keep anal people like me happy?
Victoria Secret Beauty Rush Wet/Dry eyeshadow are dome shaped shadow that look baked like those Milani Runway Shadow or Bourjois Eyeshadow. (I have no clue know how they made it and I don't really care) The surface doesn't seem to be as dusty as those MAC Color Craft eyeshadow but it's easier to pick these up with Bourjois, I guess because they are newer?

Violet Femme is a dusty plummy lilac with a hint of brown (or is it's just the red in the plum?) . The shadow looks packed but it wouldn't be difficult to dig the color out with a big brush or just more applied force. The texture of the shadow is relatively fine but not as silky as the Stila baked trio.
The color pay off is quite decent when swatched dry and the finish doesn't look too frosty. I just don't like the color...just somehow enhances my under eye circles. The color is a little but more intense when I dampened it but the overall texture is still not rich / creamy enough to be an eyeliner though.

P.S. Gaaaah, I hate my tanned skin...


  1. Pretty, I like the feel of baked shadows. And I feel ya about the tanning thing.. I've been too lazy keeping up with sunscreen, yet my face is still several shades lighter than my arms.. it makes them look dirty.

  2. the packaging looks like Milani :) But the color payoff looks wonderful! i can see some great looks with this e/s :)

  3. Lol, I think the name is trying to make a reference to the band, the Violent Femmes.

  4. Kim:
    Yeah, you took the words right out of my mouth...Tan looks golden on girls like Megan Fox but it just looks dirty on me...

    This one is slightly better than the Milani I would say...

    It's nice to have reader who is more knowledgeable than I am...(I only know random useless crap that nobody cares.) I know that band called deep purple though...OK, all I know is the name.


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